Looking for the fortune teller's crystal ball in Skyward Sword? We see success in your future.

Skyward Sword Crystal Ball Location: Where to Find the Fortune Teller’s Crystal

Looking for the fortune teller's crystal ball in Skyward Sword? We see success in your future.
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The Skyward Sword crystal ball quest is a short detour that involves the fortune teller and pops up roughly halfway through the game. It is an easy way to get some Gratitude Crystals.

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After sealing The Imprisoned the second time, head back to the Skyloft Bazaar. You’ll see the fortune teller is no longer at their booth. Our Skyward Sword crystal ball guide walks you through how to start the quest and where to find the crystal.

How to Start the Crystal Ball Quest

Map showing the fortune teller's house in Skyloft.

Speak with the fortune teller at their home in eastern Skyloft. Their house is next to Gondo’s, the scrap shop owner. The fortune teller will tell you about the origin of their crystal ball and mention you can find a new one for them if you’re so inclined.

You are, because Gratitude Crystals. You can’t finish Batreaux’s quest without gathering every Gratitude Crystal.

Ignore Fi’s offer to make the ball a dowsing item, since you won’t need to hunt for it. 

Crystal Ball Location

A map showing the crystal ball location at Eldin Volcano.

Head back to Eldin and the bird statue outside the Earth Temple. While digging for Eldin Keys, you may have noticed a target above one of the stone ledges. Go to the corner opposite where you found the first key piece, and dig until the air geyser appears. 

Glide up, turn around, and use your Clawshot to grapple over to the target. The crystal ball is at the edge of the Earth Temple. Examine it and have Fi call Scrapper to haul it back to Skyloft.

Visit the fortune teller’s house again to finish the quest and get five Gratitude Crystals, plus a discount on fortunes.

That’s all you need to know about the Skyward Sword crystal ball quest and the fortune teller, but make sure to check out our other Skyward Sword guides for more tips.

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