The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Eldin Key Piece Locations

Here's where to find all five Skyward Sword Eldin Key pieces.

The Skyward Sword Eldin Key pieces puzzle is one of the more frustrating aspects of the second dungeon. It requires some backtracking across most of the Eldin region and, on top of that, you need dowsing to find the actual pieces.

At least, you needed it until you landed here. Our Skyward Sword Eldin Key pieces guide points out where to find each piece.

The map below shows the locations for each of the pieces. Below that, we go into more detail about how to find all five pieces. 

Map of the Eldin Volcano showing the locations of all five Eldin Key pieces marked in red.

Key Piece 1

The first piece is very close by. Facing the temple, turn left, and walk toward the edge of the stone floor. There’s a crack in the ground on your left. Dig there to get the piece. You can carry on down the path and dig up an air flow to find a Goddess Cube on the ledge above if you want.

Key Piece 2

Face south from where you found the first piece. Destroy the tower, then slide down and dig out Eldin Key Piece number 2.

Key Piece 3

Head back to the temple entrance, and face away from it toward the sand slide. You’ll notice a broken wall on the left (marked by an X in the image above). Hurl a bomb flower at it, then run down into the small passageway. The third key piece is at the end of the passage.

Key Piece 4

Link standing before an Eldin Temple bridge over a lava pit.

This one takes a bit of effort. Go around the passage north of the temple and deal with the tower there. Follow the path along a ledge, and then leap over to the vines and work your way up. Extend the bridge by pressing the button at the top, and get ready to move fast.

The next room you enter is superheated, which means you’ll catch fire. Dash through the room (don’t go up to the next level), and you’ll enter a series of sand ramps. Stay to the right so you can catch an air draft and land on the platform where the fourth piece is waiting.

Key Piece 5

Hop back down and follow the path around. You’ll eventually see a bomb-able wall, so chuck a bomb flower at the spot marked with an “X,” and head inside to grab the final piece.

That's all you need to know about Skyward Sword Eldin Key pieces, but make sure to check out our other Skyward Sword HD guides for more tips.


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Published Jul. 26th 2021

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