Smite God Guide: Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld

Here's an overview of Cerberus' abilities and a guide on potentially the best build for this powerful Greek god in SMITE.

Here's an overview of Cerberus' abilities and a guide on potentially the best build for this powerful Greek god in SMITE.

The Greek pantheon of gods in SMITE welcomes a new playable character — Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld. Many players initially believed that Cerberus would be a great guardian, but he actually works best as an offensive mage character.

Before getting into the optimal damage build for Cerberus, let’s take a look at his abilities and see how they fit within the current meta. Of course, different modes will require different approaches, but Solo games are the primary focus of this guide.

Cerberus Abilities Overview in SMITE

Passive Ability: Spirit of Death

Cerberus’ passive ability is a heal steal that makes enemy gods heal for 20% less, while Cerberus gets 40% of that same heal. 

It’s a really useful ability that won’t let your enemies stay alive for too long, but you will.

First Ability: Paralyzing Spit

This god’s tail is not just a tail, but a weapon that spits poisonous projectiles dealing 50/80/110/140/170 damage points. Each consecutive projectile deals 20% less damage, but if you manage to hit the enemy with four such projectiles in a row, the enemy gets stunned.

Second Ability: Ghastly Breath

Here’s something for those who like to deal with mages. The three heads of Cerberus emit a ghastly breath that removes enemy’s magical protection and slows them down significantly.

Third Ability: Soul Expulsion

Soul Expulsion is another healing ability, but this time you get to actually use it when you need it. It makes Cerberus leap forward and sever the soul of an enemy. This soul can be damaged, and each time you damage a soul, Cerberus will heal for 30/50/70/90/110.

Ultimate Ability: Stygian Torment

The new god’s ultimate ability is definitely overpowered. It works as a magical AOE by which Cerberus summons the souls of the damned to lift all enemies into the air and separate them from their souls. The key part of this ability is the amount of damage, which is quite significant, dealt during the process: 160/230/300/370/440.

Best Cerberus Build

At first glance, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Cerberus has great magical powers in addition to high amounts of damage. Now let’s take a look at the items, which you can purchase, that turn Cerberus into a real magical offensive machine.

Book of Thoth

Mana is power, and producing additional mana from kills is essential. This is what Book of Thoth gives you. Additionally, you will be able to convert mana into magical power.

Shoes of the Magi

If you’re going to use shoes, then take these for speed of movement and even more magical power. 

Rod of Tahuti

This item has both active and passive stats, and both of them contribute to one and only one goal — increasing your magical powers.

Obsidian Shard

This item complements Cerberus’ Ghastly Breath ability that removes the magical protection of the enemy gods. Obsidian Shard will increase this ability by 33%.

Chronos’ Pendant

All of the above abilities have a cooldown time, so you need something that will help you reduce it. This is what Pendant is for. It will bring down all of your cooldown timers by 20%.

Gem of Isolation

Finally, you want something that will keep slowing your enemies down. Purchase Gem of Isolation and deal your damage without too much hassle, as all your enemies will be 25% slower.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decide to play Cerberus and give him those extra magical powers. And for any other SMITE guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

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