Voidrunner stashes are the primary collectibles in Solar Ash, gifting you suits in return. This guide covers how to get the first two suits: Rei's and Erving's.

Solar Ash Crater & Broken Capital Voidrunner Stashes: How to Get Rei’s, Erving’s Suit

Voidrunner stashes are the primary collectibles in Solar Ash, gifting you suits in return. This guide covers how to get the first two suits: Rei's and Erving's.

Suits by way of Voidrunner Stashes are the primary collectibles in Solar Ash, and the first two you’ll come across are Rei’s suit, Tempest Adagio, and Erving’s suit, Aegis Wellspring. These collectibles are worth finding because they confer to Rei a passive bonus or active ability, whether that’s increased Plasma or more damage.

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In this Solar Ash guide, we’ll tell you where to find the first two suits available in the Crater and the Broken Capital: Rei’s and Erving’s. There is one Voidrunner collectible in The Crater, and there are 5 in the Broken Capital.

Like with the other cache collectibles in Solar Ash, nabbing these will go toward your total for the Reliquarian trophy/achievement. And getting the first one here will give you the Hobbyist Archaeologist trophy/achievement.

The Crater Voidrunner Stash Location in Solar Ash

Rei’s suit is the easiest one to get in Solar Ash. Unlike other gear sets, you only have to find one hidden Voidrunner stash for this one.

Directly behind the Starseed in the Crater is a small platform to the right of a giant arch. Jump on the platform to the left of the arch, then across the gap separating the two platforms. You’ll find the Crater’s only Voidrunner stash there.

The Broken Capital Voidrunner Stashes

Erving’s suit is one of the more useful in Solar Ash, doubling your Plasma gains no matter the source. There’s almost no other suit in the game as immediately beneficial to your playthrough. All told, there are five stashes 

Erving Suit Stash 1

Immediately after entering the first area from the Crater, turn right. You’ll see a tree with the Voidrunner symbol on it. Continue behind the tree and around the clouds to reach a small outcropping with the stash.

Erving Suit Stash 2

Before entering the city proper, climb up until you reach a checkpoint before the fountain where you meet Lyris. Unlock shortcuts along the way.

From the fountain shortcut, turn right and go out the window behind the shaft. Turn left, jumping until you reach climbable sludge.

Climb up and to the left to reach the stash.

Erving Suit Stash 3

From Cyd, turn around and run to the right of the area’s entrance. You’ll see a small set of benches with a rail next to it.

Grind up the rail, jump off to climb the black sludge, then follow the next rail across the chasm to a dark blue building.

Defeat any enemies, and take the stairs to the upper platform.

At the back of the room, you’ll find the third of four stashes in Broken Capital.

Erving Suit Stash 4

Return to Cyd, and take the ramp near her back toward the entrance to start the trek to this stash.

About halfway up, jump off and use the grapple point to launch yourself to the climbable slime.

Take it up to find the stash just at the top.

Erving Suit Stash 5

For this Voirdunner stash, head to the very back of the Captial and find a set of rails leading up onto a tall building.

Ride them up to the climbable goo, climb onto the building’s roof, then jump across to the shortcut light.

Turn right, jump across another chasm to more climbable goo.

You’ll reach a larger building’s roof with an anomaly on it. Once you clear the anomaly, take the ramp leading off the roof into another ruin with red and green trees. Facing the large building you came from, look up and see a grapple point to the right.

Take it, then grapple across a final chasm.

You’ve reached the final stash and Erving’s final resting place.

With all the stashes collected, you can equip Erving’s gear whenever you like by talking to Cyd, whether she’s online or not.

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And that’s what you need to know about where to find the Voidrunner stashes in Crater and Broken Capital for Rei’s suit and Erving’s suit in Solar Ash. For more tips and locations guides, head over here

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