Plasma allows you to increase your health in Solar Ash. This guide tells you where to find it and how to farm it.

Solar Ash: How to Farm Plasma and Increase Your Health

Plasma allows you to increase your health in Solar Ash. This guide tells you where to find it and how to farm it.

You’ll want to farm plasma and increase your health in Solar Ash since you can only take two hits when you start a new game. Being able to take more hits will keep you out of the checkpoint and cut down on backtracking and retracing too much.

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Plasma is the currency you need to increase your health, and you’ll see the stuff everywhere. It usually lives as bright red globules all across the map. There are several other ways to get your hands on it, and you’ll want as much as you can find.

This Solar Ash guide has all the info you’ll need to farm plasma to maximize your gains and keep your health bar full.

How to Farm Plasma in Solar Ash

If farming plasma is your primary purpose in Solar Ash, you’ll want Erving’s suit. Check out our guide to unlocking it right here.

Wearing Erving’s suit doubles the value of any plasma pickups you find. Globules go from 1 unit to 2 units, most enemies go from 15 units to 30 units, and so on. Heart Machine uses this health resource heavily as a trail of bread crumbs, leading you to objectives and secrets.

You’ll also find boxes of various appearances scattered about the game’s levels. They look different depending on the environment, but all of them grant between 5 and 10 plasma when broken. Like the globules, crates respawn whenever you reload a checkpoint, but the plasma in them will be on a cooldown.

Killing enemies is another great way to farm plasma, as even the weakest give 15 units when destroyed. The larger enemies grant more for the additional challenge. Defeated enemies won’t respawn until you lose all your health and receive the Destroyed message or load into a new area and return, so as long as you don’t, you can clear out entire levels for exploration.

The most valuable plasma sources are large crystals of the stuff hidden throughout the Ultravoid. Some of these crystals are easy to find, others have short platforming puzzles protecting them. Still, others are hidden away from sight, and you’ll really need to look to find them. They don’t respawn once destroyed, so the 150 plasma they hold is a one-time infusion for your health stores.

Your best plasma farming method, then, revolves around having two or three levels available and fast traveling between them, then clearing high-density areas again and again. You don’t want a place with too many annoyingly placed enemies. Instead, focus on finding areas with lots of little guys surrounded by boxes and globules.

If you’re trophy or achievement hunting, you will need to collect this health resource for the Plasma Drive (1,000 units), Plasma Overdrive (5,000 units), and Universal Donor (10,000 units) trophies/achievements.

How to Increase Your Health in Solar Ash

Meet with Cyd, your friendly Ultravoid AI, to improve your health. You can add four additional health cells to your bar with a starting price of 1,000 plasma, ending with a hefty tag of 3,000 plasma. You’ll need to clear the Crater to upgrade the first time, after which you can do so at any of Cyd’s conduits. Be sure to pick up the hidden Voidrunner stash while you’re there.

Here’s the catch: every time you defeat a Remnant boss, Echo will break your most expensive cell upgrade, forcing you to repurchase it. This happens five times, so depending on how much you’ve invested in your health, you could be spending upwards of 10,000 plasma to keep yourself topped off.

Don’t worry about losing any more health cells once you’ve completed the game. Without Remnants to summon you to Echo, the game has no way of taking health cells from you, and you can collect as much plasma as you like.

You won’t have a use for it, sadly, but hey, number go up, serotonin go up, right?

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