Sons of the Forest: How to Build Tarp Walls

Put together a quick base using Tarp Walls in Sons of the Forest!

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Patch 13 added another option when it comes to designing a base to keep you safe from the cannibals. Here’s how to build Tarp Walls in Sons of the Forest.

How Do You Build Tarp Walls in Sons of the Forest?

Tarp Walls are a great early option because you only need a tarp and three logs to make a single wall section, saving considerably on logs early on.

How to Find Tarp

Tarps are fairly common around the island. I tend to find them in plastic containers. They can also be found near campsites as well, usually in or near the tents. Since the plastic containers around the island refill after a set number of days depending on your game settings, you don’t need to worry about running out of tarp.

How to Build a Tarp Wall

After gathering tarps, logs, and finding a suitable location, you can start building.

  1. Place two logs standing vertically.
  2. Place a log horizontally at the top connecting them the same way you would for a wooden wall.
  3. Hold a tarp and face the log structure. You’ll see a rectangular dotted line shape appear (and maybe Kelvin) to let you know that you can place the tarp. Once placed, the tarp forms a wall that you can’t walk through.
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Tarp Walls make for a nice, quick set-up. Later, you can move onto using logs or stones for building a sturdier base for long term use. I find stone and wooden structures easier to set up electricity and furniture in as Tarp Walls have an overall less reliable feeling to them as a building option.

And that covers how to build Tarp Walls in Sons of the Forest. I’d like to see an added feature that lets you roll the tarps up to create a makeshift door or window to give them more versatility compared to Stone and Wood Walls. But for now, visit our SotF guide hub for more topics like how to find the rifle or how to beat the final boss.

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