Sons of the Forest: How to Craft All Arrow Types

Patch 14 brought new arrow types to Sons of the Forest. Here's how to craft them!

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If you’ve been feeling that your arrows could use more flare and fire, then Patch 14 is for you. Here’s how to craft all arrow types added in Sons of the Forest with its most recent update.

How to Make the New Arrow Types in Sons of the Forest

Alongside standard arrows, you can now craft poison, fire, explosive, and shock. These arrows upgrade can be applied to any base arrow. However, you can’t upgrade the Crossbow Bolts with these options. For simplicity, I put Stone Arrows as the standard component.

How to Make Poison Arrows

Poison Arrows are crafted in your inventory by combining Stone Arrows with poisonous foods like Twinberries. All poisonous foods have a red icon next to the interact button after you’ve tasted them. They have the additional effect of doing damage over time to your enemies. Since some of the cannibal enemy types have a habit of running around, I love being able to deal out damage even while I’m trying to aim another shot at them. Or running away.

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How to Make Fire Arrows

Fire Arrows get crafted by combining Stone Arrows with liquor and a rag. So, it’s like making a Molotov Cocktail, but with arrows added to the mix. As you might expect, these arrows set enemies on fire, which deals damage over time. Depending on your settings, one can be enough to kill a weaker enemy type.

How to Make Explosive Arrows

Explosive Arrows are made by combining Stone Arrows, a C4 Brick, a Circuit Board, Batteries and Wire. It’s a lot of items to use, but when you hit an enemy with an Explosive Arrow, they’ll explode after a delay. For weaker enemies, this is basically a guaranteed death. Even for stronger enemies, you’ll do a good deal of damage, making them overall easier to kill.

How to Make Shock Arrows

Shock Arrows are created by combining Stone Arrows with a Circuit Board, Batteries, and Wire. This makes them more difficult to craft like the Explosive ones since the items you need are also useful for other crafting builds. However, Shock Arrows are like the Stun Baton, but with range. They stun enemies and deal damage. So, if you’re low on health, they’re great for keeping enemies in place and preventing them from attacking you.

And that covers how to craft all four new arrow types in Sons of the Forest. They have a nice mix of components, so you can craft Poison Arrows even if you don’t have a lot of resources. But then, there’s the more powerful types that need more pieces to create. From here, check our SotF guide hub for more topics like how to get the multi-trap blueprint or how to build tarp walls.

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