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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Multi-Trap Blueprint

Take out multiple enemies with the new Multi-Trap in Sons of the Forest!

Patch 13 brings with it new items and blueprints you can use to build traps like the powerful Multi-trap. Here’s how to find the Multi-Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest.

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Where Is the Multi-Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest?

The Multi-Trap added in Patch 13 is designed as a way to deal with multiple enemies at once, making it one of the most effective defense options for your base.

Pick up the Rebreather and Oxygen

First, you need the Rebreather before heading to the cave that I’ve circled on the map below. Since there’s a diving section at the beginning of the cave, you won’t be able to reach the blueprint without having the Rebreather and a bit of Oxygen. If you have those items, go ahead and enter the cave whenever you’d like.

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How to Get Through the Cave to the Multi-Trap Blueprint

Enter the Cave Exit Instead of the Entrance

The cave you enter is the exit for the cave farther North. However, using the exit cave instead makes it easier to find the blueprint. Inside, you’ll find a skeleton in a chair. Dive into the water next to it. You’ll come across a few forks in the path, but I simply stayed to the left until I exited the water. In fact, hovering next to the left wall got me to the paths barred with wooden planks, which indicates you’re going the right way.

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Navigating the Tunnels

After a few barred entrances in the cave-like tunnels, you reach an area that’s made out of the strange metal that made the island coveted. This is the final stretch to the blueprint. Go straight down this hallway-esque structure.

You’ll come to another boarded up spot that has skeletons and crosses hanging from the ceiling and sitting on the ground. The Multi-Trap Blueprint is on a little rock ledge opposite of the door. After picking it up, backtrack your steps to leave the cave. Or continue exploring if you haven’t previously to scavenge what supplies you can.

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And that covers how to get the Multi-Trap Blueprint in Sons of the Forest. The path feels winding, but sticking to the left and always choosing that direction when there was a fork got me to the proper end destination. From here, check out more topics on our SotF guide hub like the best places to build a base or where to find golf carts.

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