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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Golf Carts

Here's where to find golf carts in Sons of the Forest.

The June 23 patch for Sons of the Forest, now available in Steam Early Access, added a number of new mechanics and features to the game. It also added usable golf carts. Here’s where to find a sweet ride and go for joyrides across an island full of cannibals.

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Double Dash: Sons of the Forest Golf Cart Locations

So far, it looks like there are only two usable golf carts in Sons of the Forest as of June 26, and they’re both in roughly the same place.

That place is the large flat strip of land near Maintenance Hatch B, on the southwest side of the island. If you’re already familiar with Sons of the Forest’s map, you’ll recognize Hatch B as the small bunker in a cannibal campsite where you found the compound bow. If you aren’t, this isn’t a difficult location to spot, although it’s a dangerous part of the forest due to the aforementioned cannibal campsite.

Where to Find the Golf Carts in Sons of the Forest

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If you start from the mountainside entrance to the “cultist cave” and head southwest, you should spot the area without any issues.

It’s a big stretch of flat, mostly cleared land that runs north to south, where you’ll also spot several supply boxes, a couple of wrecked golf carts, and a crashed plane (above).

As of the June 23 patch, however, there are a couple of golf carts that aren’t wrecked. These carts are blue, as opposed to the ruined carts’ white, and have a battery indicator light on their dashboards.

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Who Can Ride in Golf Carts in Sons of the Forest?

You can get into and drive these carts freely around the island. Other players in SotF co-op can ride in the golf carts’ passenger seat, but Kelvin and Virginia don’t seem to ever want to get in. Their loss, I suppose.

General Tips for Golf Carts

Look, I ran Bambi over for science. (Screenshot by GameSkinny)

Ramming into an enemy or animal does significant damage — in testing (below), it took me three solid hits from the cart to kill a deer — but the golf carts themselves do not appear to take damage. The battery indicator also suggests they’ll eventually run out of power, but I’ve yet to see a cart run out of juice.

The bad news with golf carts is that they don’t handle obstacles well. A cart bounces dangerously if it encounters something like a box or rock on the ground, and any kind of ledge is an impassable barrier to your golf cart. While they can go off-road reasonably well, and will automatically destroy any bush or small tree they hit, golf carts also go into an uncontrollable skid when you try to take them down any hill.

As a result, the best use for the golf carts is to quickly navigate the island via the nature trails and foot paths that are found throughout the woods. They aren’t great anywhere else, but they do let you get around very quickly.

In the event you get a cart stuck somewhere, you might be able to dislodge it by getting out, going in front of it, and hitting the interact button with its hood.

That’s where to find the golf carts in the newest patch for Sons of the Forest. For more survival tips, check out our official SotF guide hub.

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