Getting the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest requires a bit of swimming. Here's where to find both sets.

Sons of the Forest: How to Get Night Vision Goggles

Getting the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest requires a bit of swimming. Here's where to find both sets.

The Night Vision Goggles are new to Sons of the Forest, and they give you a new way to explore the dark corners of Site 2. They run on batteries, and they give you an alternative to the Flashlight and the Torch. Here’s how to get them. 

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Where to Find the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of The Forest

As of right now, we know of two different locations for the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest. We outline where to find them below, and we’ll update this guide if we find more locations. 

Night Vision Goggles Location 1

Screenshot via MapGenie

The first pair of Night Vision Goggles can be found inland on Site 2, inside the cave with the Gold Armor, south of the Hanglider. The exact location can be seen on the map above.

Before heading into the cave to get the Night Vision Goggles, you’ll need to get the Rebreather. When you enter the cave, dive and head straight into the underwater tunnel. The tunnel seems to split, but both paths will take you to the same cavern.

At the other end of the cavern, you’ll find a path heading down that will act like a waterslide. The waterslide will drop you in a pool of water. Swim into the nearby cavern ahead, and on the right side, you’ll see a body wearing Night Vision Goggles under a lit picture of people on the wall.

Night Vision Goggles Location 2

Screenshot via MapGenie

The second location is in a cave down the river (south) from the first location. Look for a smaller lake/pond east of the river. 

For this one, all you have to do is go straight when you enter the cave, and you’ll find a skeleton wearing Night Vision Goggles.

Screenshot by Gameskinny

It’s worth noting that it seems when you have one pair of Night Vision Goggles, the pair at the opposite location won’t spawn. I grabbed my initial pair from Location 1 first in one save file and didn’t find them at Location 2. Then, I tested the opposite order on another save file and didn’t find the Goggles at Location 1.

And that’s how to get the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest. The most recent update has introduced the Water Collector, the Knight V vehicle, and Solar Panels. As more items are added during the Early Access period, we’ll be continuing to expand our Sons of the Forest guides hub.

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