Here's how to find the Flashlight early in Sons of the Forest, giving you a light in the dark and letting you wield weapons alongside it.

Sons of the Forest: How to Get to the Flashlight Location

Here's how to find the Flashlight early in Sons of the Forest, giving you a light in the dark and letting you wield weapons alongside it.

The Flashlight is conspicuously missing when you start Sons of the Forest. You’ve got an Emergency Kit, a Lighter, and several other pieces of essential survival equipment, but you have to find the Flashlight location elsewhere.

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Aside from the obvious benefit of pointed light (unlike the simple glow of a Torch), the Flashlight is an important piece of gear. You can also wield and use weapons like the Axe, Spear, and even Bow while using it.

Where to Find the Flashlight Location

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The Flashlight location can be found southeast of the helicopter crash site on the mountain, the one at which you begin the game. Pull up your GPS map tracker, and go to the closest purple exclamation point on the map, found in the forest just below the mountain.

With the helicopter to your back, and facing the stream near it, follow the stream left (east) and down the mountain. Stay left when it forks, and you’ll eventually come to a pool of water with three bodies on stakes (where you find the Slingshot). Nearby is a cliff with a cave. Go over the cliff and cave to the larger river nearby. Cross the river toward the purple map marker. 

Keep your GPS map pulled up and listen for the pinging sound it emits. As you get closer to any purple map marker, the pinging gets louder and more frequent, alerting you to important items nearby. 

At the GPS map marker, you’ll find some rope, a bottle of vodka, and some other items. There will be a rock with a rope tied around it at the edge of the cliff near these items. These items seem to respawn infinitely like some others, so return to pick them up if need be. 

Use your Axe to chop the rope, which drops the body of a dead compatriot below. Scale the cliffs down and inspect his body to retrieve the Flashlight and a placeable map marker. 

How to Equip the Flashlight

To equip the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest, open your inventory by pressing the “I” key. You’ll find it next to your Axe and Lighter on the right side. Once you have it equipped, you can pull it up and put it down by pressing the “L” key. At this phase in Early Access, the Flashlight is always on when you have it pulled up

How to Recharge the Flashlight

Since the tool is always on when you have it pulled up, that also means it’s always losing power when you’re using it. To recharge it, you’ll need to combine the Flashlight with Batteries in your inventory screen, the same screen you use for in-the-field crafting. It’s similar to how the Stun Baton uses Batteries.

You can find Batteries in a number of places, but you’ll mostly come across them in crates scattered about or in previously-inhabited areas with tents or other dwellings. However, you can always duplicate them if you wanted to.

Now you know how to get the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest, a better light source for when you need a light source and a sturdier, more powerful weapon in your primary hand. For more, check out our growing tips page for the Early Access survival-horror game. such as how to make a fire or how to play multiplayer.

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