Sons of the Forest: How to Make a Fire

Fire in Sons of the Forest is a great tool for survival and cooking meat. Here's how to build three different types of campfires.

Fire in Sons of the Forest is a great tool for survival and cooking meat. Here's how to build three different types of campfires.

Knowing how to make a fire in Sons of the Forest is useful for both light and cooking raw food, but crafting one is done through a system without any guidance, so it can be a little confusing the first time you try to build one. 

Sons of the Forest is in Early Access and created by the same studio that brought survival fans The Forest, but there are differences between the games. And not all changes are fully explained this early in development. You’ll notice early on that there are two crafting modes in your Guide Book, and the mode on the right doesn’t give you any guidance or tracking. So, here’s how to make a fire in Sons of the Forest.

How to Build a Basic Fire

Before you craft a fire, it’s best to gather the materials since you won’t have material tracking for this crafting recipe.

  • You’ll need x2 Sticks, some leaves, and the Lighter.

You can gather the Sticks yourself or ask Kelvin to find them. Use your Axe to gather leaves from bushes or vines. Once you have the Sticks and leaves, go into your inventory (I or D-pad Down by default) or into your Backpack (B or hold D-pad Down) and equip a stick.

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While holding a stick, look at the ground; you should see the dotted outline of a broken stick.

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When you click the outline (LMB or A), you’ll break the stick and place it on the ground, kneeling with another stick taken out.

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Break that next stick as well, and you’ll have a little unlit fire. The interact prompt will appear when you’re close to it if you have leaves. Interact to use leaves as kindling and light your fire, then you can get to cooking raw meat if yo have any from hunting game or catching fish.

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All Campfire Recipes in Sons of the Forest

The fire outlined above is called the Basic Fire, but there are several other types you can build as you find more resources. Here are the types we know of: 

  • Reinforced Fire: x2 Sticks, x7 Rocks, leaves.
    • For this one, you’ll need to create a Basic Fire first, then open your inventory and equip the Rocks, placing them by hand one at a time. 
  • Standing Fire: x2 Sticks, x1 Cloth, leaves.
    • For this, take a Stick and look at the ground until you see the outline of a circle. Drive the Stick into the ground, then equip one piece of Cloth. Face the Stick, and a circle outline will appear at the top; place the Cloth. Then place another Stick on top of the Stick in the ground; you’ll break one into three pieces. To light the Standing Fire, look above the three broken Sticks on top. 

Now you know how to make a fire in Sons of the Forest, which can be used for warmth, light, and cooking. The survival hit has already surpassed 400K+ players, and you can play it with friends through multiplayer. Check out our growing list of Sons of the Forest guides as it makes its way through Early Access.

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