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SoS: A Wonderful Life All Crops Guide

A guide to both standard and hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

This Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life crop guide is intended to make the variety of crops a little less overwhelming. With the inclusion of both regular and hybrid crops, it can feel like you’re getting a lot of information thrown at you. As such, it helps to break down the information about crops into tables as we’ve done here, and we’ve included crop fusion information for Gen 2 hybrids as well.

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Regular Crops in SoS: A Wonderful Life

  • A-Rank crops sell for 30G more than B-Rank.
  • S-Rank crops sell for 60G more than B-Rank.
  • Hybrid crops are unlocked after the start of Chapter 2.

Our AWL guide to farming takes care of how to grow higher quality crops, so here we’re looking at how much crops cost to purchase from Vesta’s farm, what seasons they grow in, and how much they sell for at B-Rank.

CropCost to PurchaseSeason(s)B-Rank Selling Price
Carrot30GAutumn – Winter135G
Melon50GSummer – Autumn210G
Potato40GWinter – Spring180G
Strawberry30GAutumn – Spring105G
Sweet Potato40GAutumn180G
Tomato30GSpring – Autumn105G
Turnip20GSummer – Winter75G
Watermelon60GSpring – Summer195G

Gen 2 Crop Fusion in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Hybrid Crops are more complex, and you create them by feeding two pieces of produce to Vinnie, who you meet in Chapter 2. He’ll create a hybrid in return. Giving him two of the same item won’t create any hybrids, and sometimes he just gives you higher grade seeds of what you gave him so you may have to give him the same set more than once to get the hybrid you want.

To make it a little easier to see what each combination produces — if anything — I’ve created a table below.

CarrotMelonPotatoStrawberrySweet PotatoTomatoTurnipWatermelon
Sweet PotatoSwarrotSweetmelPototoStrawsweetSweetomaSweeturnMelosweet
Blue Trick FlowerCarroblueMeloblueBluetatoStrawblueySweeblueBluematoTurnblueWaterblue

When you create hybrid crops, Vinnie will tell you what seasons they can grow in, but I’ve also included an alphabetical list below for reference.

  • Berrymelo: Winter – Spring
  • Berrytoma: Spring – Autumn
  • Bluemato: Spring – Autumn
  • Bluetato: Winter – Spring
  • Camelo: Summer – Autumn
  • Carberry: Autumn – Spring
  • Caroturn: Winter – Spring
  • Carroblue: Autumn – Winter
  • Carromel: Spring – Summer
  • Greetoma: Spring – Autumn
  • Meloblue: Summer – Autumn
  • Melomelo: Spring – Summer
  • Melosweet: Spring – Summer
  • Melotoma: Spring – Autumn
  • Poberryto: Winter – Spring
  • Pocaro: Winter – Summer
  • Pomato: Spring – Autumn
  • Potamelo: Summer – Autumn
  • Pototo: Winter – Summer
  • Poturnip: Winter – Spring
  • Strawbluey: Autumn – Spring
  • Strawmelo: Summer – Spring
  • Strawsweet: Autumn – Spring
  • Swarrot: Summer – Autumn
  • Sweeblue: Autumn
  • Sweetmel: Summer – Autumn
  • Sweetoma: Spring – Autumn
  • Sweeturn: Winter – Summer
  • Tocarro: Spring – Autumn
  • Turmelon: Summer – Autumn
  • Turnberry: Winter – Spring
  • Turnblue: Summer – Winter
  • Turnmato: Spring – Autumn
  • Watato: Spring – Summer
  • Waterblue: Spring – Summer
  • Waturnip: Spring – Summer

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Inventory Information in SoS: A Wonderful Life

One feature that I love in SoS: A Wonderful Life is that I can go into my inventory and select a seed to see its information like which seasons to plant it in, what soil it needs, and how quickly it grows. With other tasks like getting married and fulfilling villager requests, I’ll forget the information about crops, so I love being able to double check before I waste my seeds.

If you’re looking for love in the Forgotten Valley while raising crops, check out our Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life guides for bachelors and bachelorettes.

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