South Park: Phone Destroyer Guide — Tips and Tricks for Overwhelming Your Foes

Tips, tricks, and strategies for getting the best of your opponents in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

Tips, tricks, and strategies for getting the best of your opponents in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a strategy game where you cleverly play cards on a battlefield in order to overwhelm your opponents. The goal is to destroy the enemy summoner or stage boss while simultaneously defending your own summoner.

The problem is that staying alive gets pretty challenging on the game’s harder difficulties, and you really have to be worth your salt to stand a chance in PvP. That’s why we’ve compiled a few solid tips to give you the edge you need to overwhelm your opponent.

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South Park: Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks

Your deck of cards doesn’t necessarily need to outclass the opponent’s in order to work — although upgraded cards do help. Rather, you just need to outplay your opponent. Victory is possible if you remember to utilize all types of cards, conserve your energy, and play smartly.

Utilize All Types of Cards

Every type of card in the game is valuable to your deck. Tanks are needed to absorb the bulk of the damage enemies will be dealing, and you should always have one, if not two, in your deck. Fighters are pretty balanced, letting them both deal a bit of damage and take a few hits before dying.

Ranged class cards are great at dealing damage from afar, but they die quickly from melee attacks. Finally, Assassins are perfect for striking at the enemy’s weak point and dealing massive damage, but they’ll die more or less instantly when targeted.

Spell cards, on the other hand, work a little differently than summoning cards, but they shouldn’t be discounted for it. Sometimes a spell is just what you need to get out of a pickle, and knowing when to use them can mean the difference between a crushing defeat and a spectacular victory.

Ir you’re looking for more tips and tricks in this department, check out our full guide on collecting, upgrading, and building card decks.

Conserving Energy and Utilizing All Types of Cards South Park Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks Beginners Guide

Conserve Your Energy

Energy is needed to play cards on the battlefield. Some cards require a lot of energy while others ask for very little. Over time, your energy will slowly refill, allowing you to play cards at a steady pace throughout the match. However, if you’re too overzealous with your energy, you might find yourself with none in a rather sticky situation.

You can have a maximum of 10 energy, and most cards don’t require more than 5. If you keep a watchful eye on your Energy Bar while placing cards, you can be sure to always have 3-5 Energy on hand in case things go south and you need to make a quick play to save the game. Just don’t let it sit on maximum energy — least you waste potential plays.

Play Smartly (Duh)

Think about the cards you have on hand, the ones you have in play, and the ones your opponent has in play before making a move. Play a tank if you don’t have one out or if the active one is about to die. Play an assassin if they have ample cover to move around the battlefield untargeted.

Ranged cards are good to play if you need backup support, but are a rather poor decision if they’re just going to get targeted by a melee character right off the bat. Fighters are a solid choice if you need to cover extra ground on the battlefield.

Sometimes, however, you either don’t have the cards you need to play or just don’t have anything particularly worthwhile on-hand. When this happens, just use a card you can afford to expend to draw a new one from the deck, in the hopes you get what you need.

The worst thing you could do is make a stupid play. Not only is the card you used wasted, but it’s also a waste of energy. Just don’t do things like drop an assassin or ranged character on an empty battlefield, pit single fighters against large groups of enemies, or waste powerful spells and you’ll do just fine.

Playing Smart South Park Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks Beginners Guide

With these tips behind your belt, you’ll be turning the tide of battle in no time. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other South Park: Phone Destroyer guides, as well.

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