South Park: Phone Destroyer Cards Guide -- Collecting, Upgrading, and Building Card Decks

This guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to collecting cards and upgrading your deck -- and getting the best cards along the way.

Your strength in South Park: Phone Destroyer is in your cards. Without cards, you are nothing; therefore, it is well worth your while to collect and upgrade cards in order to build the best decks you can.

If you're really dedicated to your cards, it's important to know the most efficient ways to go about improving your decks. That's why we've compiled a guide to show you the best ways to collect cards, how to improve them, and how to build better decks.

Let's dive in!

How to Collect Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Hunting down cards is important for filling out your deck with the variety you need to succeed. There are a number of ways to go about collecting new cards.

  • Loot Lockers -- After a Victory on a stage or PvP match, you get the chance to open three Loot Lockers. If you get lucky, you may find a card or two hidden among them.

  • Free Packs -- Cartman's Shop offers up a free pack of cards every few hours, so be sure to take advantage of that when it's available.

  • PvP Packs -- You get a pack of cards for winning three PvP battles. This pack of cards re-spawns every few hours.

  • Coins -- Cartman's Shop sells specific cards in exchange for coins, so be sure to check in whenever stock changes.

  • PvP Tickets -- Similar to Cartman's Shop, Butter's Shop sells specific cards in exchange for PvP Tickets. Stock changes regularly, so check back often.

  • Dollars -- The Premium shop sells special card packs for Dollars, which can be bought for real-world money or tediously earned by opening Loot Lockers and completing Achievements.

You won't get every card just by collecting packs, however. Some cards are also locked behind PvP rank, so make sure you duke it out against other players on a regular basis. It's only healthy, after all.

How to Find Collect and Improve Cards in South Park Phone Destroyer

How to Improve Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

There are two main ways to improve your cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer. First, you upgrade a card until it's capped out, then you level it up.

  • Upgrading -- In order to upgrade a card, you need upgrade materials and coins. These materials are found in Loot Lockers, Card Packs, the Coin Shop, and the PvP Ticket Shop. Once you have the materials you need, you can upgrade cards by tapping on them in the deck builder.

  • Leveling Up -- Once a card is fully upgraded, you have the chance to level it up. To do so, you need a certain number of duplicate cards and a sum of coins. Once a card is leveled up, it's maximum upgrade level is increased.

After leveling a card, it may be upgraded again. Once it reaches the upgrade cap, it must be leveled up again in order to upgrade it further. Rinse and repeat this process until your card is maxed.

How to Build Better Decks in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Building the right deck is essential to your success. Before you make one, however, it's important to keep in mind the rules of deck building.

For starters, a deck may only have 12 cards in total. Of those 12 cards, you may only have cards from two of five different themes: Neutral, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystical, and Fantasy. Trying to add a card from a third theme just triggers a prompt that asks you to remove one of the other themes to make room.

Note also that you cannot play two of the same character at the same time. Some characters have different cards across other themes, and trying to double up on that character will just render one of the cards unusable when the other is in play. Try to build a deck with completely unique cards and characters.

How to Build Better Decks of Cards in South Park Phone Destroyer

Use Every Card Type Available

You want some of every card type and class in your deck so that you can deal with any situation. There are five different card classes that you can stuff in your deck.

  • Tank -- Summons a Tank class character. They have a lot of health but don't deal much damage.

  • Fighter -- Summons a Fighter class character. They have a moderate amount of health and deal a moderate amount of damage.

  • Assassin -- Summons an Assassin class character. They deal massive amounts of damage but die rapidly when targeted.

  • Ranged -- Summons a Ranged class character. They deal damage from a distance but die rapidly when attacked by melee characters.

  • Spells -- Casts a spell in the targeted area. These have a variety of effects and can quickly get you out of a pickle.

Without any one of these card types, you will be vulnerable to others overwhelming you with strategies you can't counter. Be sure to have at least two of each card type in your deck so that you have plenty of variety in your playing hand at all times.

Pay Attention to Special Powers

Some cards earn special powers when they're upgraded, and remembering to utilize them can really give you an extra edge in battle. There are four different types of special powers.

  • Charged -- These special powers are slowly charged over time. Once charged, these powers are manually activated by tapping the portrait that appears above the character's head.

  • Aura -- These special powers provide a passive effect whenever the character is in play.

  • Warcry -- These special powers are activated as soon as you summon the character.

  • Deathwish -- These special powers are activated upon the summoned character's death.

Pay attention to the specials that each card has and how they're activated, as they'll be integral to how you build your decks and play your cards in the long run.

With that, you know everything there is to know about building decks and collecting and improving cards. Be sure to check out our other South Park: Phone Destroyer guides while you're around.

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