More than a dozen weapons covering both melee and ranged options are available thinning out the Tyranid hordes!

Space Hulk: Deathwing Single and Multiplayer Weapon Loadouts

More than a dozen weapons covering both melee and ranged options are available thinning out the Tyranid hordes!
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The battle brothers of the Dark Angel chapter are tasked with penetrating a gigantic collection of fused space vessels in Space Hulk: Deathwing, but it won’t be an easy task as the area is swarming with Tyranid genestealers and even worse creatures (read our full review here).

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Luckily the space marines come well prepared, with a wide range of weapon loadouts available so you can tackle the horde in whatever way best suits your play style. Below we list out every weapon currently available in single and multiplayer.

These are just the ranged and melee weapons however, so keep in mind there are also a variety of offensive psyker powers in the single player campaign (or if you play as the Librarian in multiplayer), as well as skills to boost your squad’s armor and combat effectiveness.

Multiplayer Weapons

Five classes are available in multiplayer with varying weapon loadouts for each choice. Note that not all the listed weapons are immediately available, as you must gain experience through matches to unlock anything but the basic primary and secondary weapons.

Assault Specialty


  • Lightning Claw – extremely high damage, anti-armor ability, and the fastest speed of melee weapons, but requires you to get very close to enemies
  • Mace of Absolution – high damage and only slightly slower than the Lightning Claw, but doesn’t have the anti-armor ability
  • Thunder Hammer – must be unlocked, deals high damage and injuries enemies in an area effect but has slow speed


  • Storm Shield – automatically equipped with Mace of Absolution, offers extra armor but can also be used as a low damage weapon

Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Heavy Weapon Specialty


  • Assault Cannon –  the highest rate of fire weapon but only medium range and reduced accuracy, comes with 400 shot clip and frequently jams
  • Vengeance – a modified assault cannon that must be unlocked, has reduced rate of fire but includes the anti-armor quality
  • Plasma Cannon – must be unlocked, has unlimited ammo but requires a cool down time to recharge, deals damage in an area for multiple kills per shot


  • Power Fist – high damage but low speed, can be equipped as a secondary melee weapon on your off hand while using the assault cannon

Assault Cannon



  • Storm Bolter – standard ranged gun with 60 shots, won’t jam but has relatively low damage


  • Force Sword – very high speed but lower damage
  • Force Axe – must be unlocked, has slower speed but higher damage than Force Sword

Force Sword



  • Storm Bolter – same as with Librarian or in single player
  • Redemption – this modified version of the Storm Bolter must be unlocked and uses ammo that explodes into shrapnel just after firing to deal damage in an area to lightly armored targets


  • Narthecium – this “weapon” is actually the Apothecary’s means of healing squad mates


Tactical Specialty


  • Storm Bolter – same as with Librarian or in single player
  • Spear Of Caliban – despite the name, this is actually a ranged Plasma Cannon variant that must be unlocked, has high rate of fire but reduced explosion radius and damage


  • Power Fist – same as with Heavy Weapon Specialty class, but not usable with Spear Of Caliban

 Spear Of Caliban

Single Player Weapons

The single player campaign begins solely with the Storm Bolter, Force Sword, and Power Fist for your main character, with a slightly different loadout for your Heavy Specialty and Apothecary squad mates.

The remaining weapons on this list are all unlocked by getting a higher Fervor score in any given level. To gain more Fervor points you need to get more kills, refrain from using the psygate to return to base, and explore the area thoroughly to pick up all Relics.

  • Storm Bolter – same as with Librarian class
  • Redemption – same as with Apothecary class
  • Hellfire – despite the name this isn’t a Flamer, but rather a modified Storm Bolter that deals acid damage in a radius plus bonus fire damage to the primary target
  • Assault Cannon – same as with Heavy Weapon Specialty class
  • Vengeance – same as with Heavy Weapon Specialty class
  • Heavy Flamer – extreme damage at close range, plus sets walls and floors on fire to force enemies into choke points
  • Plasma Cannon – in single player, you need to unlock the first skill under the Command skill tree to equip this weapon on your squad mate Barachiel
  • Spear Of Caliban – same as with Tactical Specialty class

Heavy Flamer

  • Power Fist – same as with Heavy Weapon Specialty class
  • Force Sword – in single player offers a bonus to cooldown times for psyker abilities
  • Force Axe – in single player offers a bonus to cooldown times for psyker abilities
  • Lightning Claw – in single player can be equipped as a secondary weapon on the off hand if you are using the Storm Bolter as your primary
  • Thunder Hammer – same as with Assault Specialty class
  • Mace Of Absolution -same as with Assault Specialty class
  • Lost Mace Of Corswain – a pre-order only bonus weapon that has similar stats to the power fist with a different appearance and animation

Lost Mace of Corswain

What weapon loadout are you picking most often in Space Hulk: Deathwing’s single player campaign or multiplayer horde matches, and what’s your favorite class to play?

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