Spider-Man 2: How to Spawn Crimes

Spider-Man 2 has a ton of crimes to take on, but how do you make them spawn? Let's find out.

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Spider-Man 2 has expanded its crime system compared to the first two games. There are many different ones to discover, and they provide materials used for suits, suit tech, and gadgets. For those who want to access these events consistently, here’s how to spawn crimes in Spider-Man 2.

How to Make More Crimes Appear in Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man PS4, you could make crimes appear by web-swinging from one end of the city to the other, as well as fast traveling to areas with police stations in them. In Spider-Man 2, things aren’t as straightforward. However, there are a couple of things that may get crimes to spawn faster.

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I’ve spent dozens of minutes at a time flying and swinging through the boroughs of New York without a single crime happening. Not a car chase. Not a bank robbery. Not an arson. Nothing. If you’re after those treasured Tech Parts, relying on the random nature of these events can be frustrating.

When crimes appear, you’ll get a notification on the right side of the screen, reported by someone on the FNSM App. It details what crime type it is, and a marker will appear on the map. Here are some things to try if you’re looking to squash more malfeasance.

  • The first way to spawn crimes is to constantly press R3 (scan) while you’re swinging through the city. You’ll eventually see the red crime symbol pop up playing this way.
  • Another method uses fast traveling to different locations. This seems to reset the crime timer that determines when the crimes appear. If you want to hop from misdemeanor to misdeed, simply fast-travel to different districts, and you should be stopping evil doers in no time.
  • Lastly, in my experience, it seems that crimes have the tendency to spawn when entering a new District from another. It’s happened enough that I’m suspicious there’s a trigger when nearing a new borough from another.
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What are the Best Crimes to Farm?

The best crimes to farm are car chases. They also seem to spawn the most. Use Web Wings to catch up to vehicles quickly (much faster than in previous games), and press Square as soon as you land to stop the car in its tracks. Other crimes like arms deals and arsons require you to fight enemies, and some of them can be quite powerful. Car chases are the safest to do.

Regardless of which ones you take part in, they’re great sources of experience and Tech Parts. Completing the optional objectives for each, which can be found on the right side of the screen when interacting with a crime, can give you even more.

The great thing about this side content, too, is that it never runs out. Crimes also change throughout the game, with tougher versions appearing the more you progress in the story. If you fail an encounter, you lose access to that specific one, respawning somewhere nearby. But just like in the real world, crime never goes out of business, and you’ll have plenty of bad guys to fight.

That’s how to spawn crimes in Spider-Man 2. Pay attention to that Spidey Sense. New York’s a dangerous place. For more on Spider-Man 2, check out our guides section for more tips and tricks.

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