Spinner.io Cheats And Tricks For The Beginner Player

Need help racking up some wins to unlock a new skin? We show you the easiest strategy to be the last spinner standing!

Need help racking up some wins to unlock a new skin? We show you the easiest strategy to be the last spinner standing!

You know you love those .io time wasters, and there’s another one to add to your repertoire when the grocery line just won’t budge: Spinner.io

This game is exactly what it sounds like, so to master the mechanics of this iteration of the .io phenomena you need to think of the game as bumper cars, but with fidget spinners.

Rather than avoiding other players like in a normal .io, you can smash into them to knock them out of the game. Once you learn the flow of the movement and master the physics of the edge of the arena, it isn’t tough to hit first place in every match.

How To Win Matches Easily In Spinner.io

First and foremost, you win matches of Spinner.io by being the last spinner standing, not by becoming the spinner with the most kills. You don’t actually have to knock anyone else out of the arena at all.

Like with that one camper who wins a battle royale match with 0 kills, you can just avoid the other players and make it to the last position. In many matches, this is actually a better strategy than racking up kills, because your spinner’s speed is reduced as you grow larger with each kill (although you have more momentum as a larger spinner).

The main advantage to getting kills is in unlock skins, with a full list of unlockables available below.

Knocking Out the Competition

In terms of offense, its better to go in a large circular pattern around the outer edge and try to hit spinners at an angle as they are moving away from you towards the edge so they quickly get knocked out of the arena.

Going into the center at the start of the match isn’t worth it, as most spinners will immediately hit each other and get knocked out in a quick frenzy like the cue ball kicking off a game of pool.

In terms of defense, don’t crash directly into a spinner going the opposite direction, as you are likely to get thrown out. It’s better to follow after other spinners and then dodge out of the way before a collision so they hit another AI player and knock each other out

Whether staying defensive or trying to rack up kills, remember that the area is a bowl, which means the edges curve up so your spinner slow down slightly as you are about to go over. This gives you time to swipe back towards the center of the arena and avoid getting knocked out.

While some skins like the space invader and dragon are limited only to premium members who pay, most of the spinner skins can be unlocked over time either by winning matches, spending gold coins, or getting kills.

Getting skins

These Spinner.io skin unlocks are currently available for the f2p players:

  • Razor Swirl – 25 kills
  • Fire – 75 kills
  • Skull and Bones – 150 kills
  • Nuclear – 250 kills
  • Dollar – 5 wins
  • Euro – 15 wins
  • Fidget – 25 wins
  • Bitcoin – 35 wins
  • Diamond – 50 wins
  • Balloon – 75 wins
  • RGB Circle – reach level 5
  • Shield – reach level 7
  • Atom – reach level 10
  • Medal – reach level 15
  • Moon – reach level 23
  • Blue Circle – play 10 matches
  • Water – play 20 matches
  • Moon – play 25 matches
  • Target – play 30 matches
  • British Pound – play 50 matches
  • Yen – play 70 matches
  • Eye – play 150 matches
  • Heart – 500 gold
  • Black swirl – 750 gold
  • Club – 750 gold
  • Yin and Yang – 1000 gold
  • Pumpkin – 1,500 gold
  • Flags – 2,000 gold
  • Pizza – 2,500 gold
  • Animals – 3,000 gold
  • Web – 3,500 gold
  • Batman – 4,000 gold
  • Cat with eye patch – 10,000 gold

Keep in mind that many of the above skins can be unlocked earlier by voluntarily watching ads.

On that note, while it doesn’t have any effect on your strategy or winning the game, there’s one final tip we have to mention, as there are some concerning elements to what permissions Spinner.io wants and how the game displays ads.

Deceitful Ads

The game absolutely doesn’t need permission to access your camera to function, and some of the ads are deviously setup to look like official terms of service that you have to accept to play. You don’t have to agree to them! Just hit “Refuse” instead to skip the ad.

Have any other tips for always winning or racking up kills to unlock new skins? Let us know your best Spinner.io strategy!

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