Hole.io Serial Killer Guide

Want to get to 1st place every single match? We show you exactly how to become a hole.io serial killer who only gets top wins!

For such a simple game, the mobile smash hit Hole.io has a surprising level of strategy for those players who want to constantly get the highest scores.

If you want to become a "serial killer" and get a 1st place win every single time, you need to learn the map and figure out the best spots to quickly farm large numbers of objects. Let's get started!

Hole.io Serial Killer 1st Place Win Guide

Your starting position changes in each match, so once you know the layout it isn't hard to always get a 1st place win by strategically moving. You also need to memorize when you are large enough with each size increase to start taking down the larger objects instantly, instead of having to wait for a few seconds for the object to be swallowed.

To start each match, always follow the sidewalk (picking up the light poles, people, sewer entrances, hydrants, etc.) on your way to the park, which is often to your left of the starting position. The park is typically above a string of thin buildings with fire escapes and below a large single white building that looks like a bank.

Follow a square pattern across the interior section of the park to maximize your pick ups, then move in a square pattern around the outer edge of the park to take down the brick fencing. By the end of the park, you should be large enough to swallow cars, which are your immediate next order of business.

If the park you went to has a parking lot to the south or west, swallow all those vehicles in a line. Otherwise, move to the nearest road and stand next to the car spawn point to have them all fall into you with minimal effort.

By this point, you are big enough to swallow small buildings that are all clumped together on the street. They look too big to swallow on first glance, but are actually composed of dozens of small units that can each by eaten just by moving slowly up the street.

 Swallowing clumps of small buildings clustered together on the street.

By the end of the block, you should be big enough to swallow the skinny buildings without having to slow down.

At this segment of the game (usually around 60 second remaining), no other player will be big enough to challenge you, so move in a pattern across the map grabbing every building and car in large clumps.

Don't bother chasing after anything that's moving away (like a fleeing player) unless they are very close, because you will get more points sticking to the square patterns grabbing the stationary buildings. Keep moving across the map until you've swallowed in an area and then move onto the next section.

During this end game section, your only real hazard is getting stuck trying to go down smaller sections (like the docks area) where you will be too big. Avoid those small side streets and stick to the big open areas with plenty of buildings.

Following this strategy, you will get a first place Hole.io serial killer win every single match. Once you have the method learned, from there you can start branching out and trying different patterns to unlock new skins.

For instance, if you eat 75 buildings in a single match you get a new skin, or if you swallow three enemy players in a row you unlock a different skin. Try going down different streets or eating different objects to unlock all the skins once you know the map layout well enough to consistently win.

 Have fun serial killing your way to 1st place!

Do you have any other Hole.io serial killer tips to get a 1st place win every single game? Let us know your strategy below, and be sure to leave a comment with your favorite unlocked skin!

For those just getting started with the game, you can also check out our map overview and Hole.io beginner's strategy guide here.

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Published Jul. 27th 2018

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