Star Ocean Anamnesis Beginner’s Guide

A great game that can be a tad bit hard to find out what you're supposed to do. This guide aims to help you through the beginning steps.

A great game that can be a tad bit hard to find out what you're supposed to do. This guide aims to help you through the beginning steps.

Star Ocean is a delightful Free to Play game hidden behind a clunky UI that can make it difficult for newcomers to get a grasp of what they need to do or how to upgrade characters. This is a guide made to get you through the first steps of the game and make sure that you’re fully equipped to take on whatever lies ahead.

This game is generous, and I mean scary generous. They essentially shower you with gems, their in-game purchasable currency. On top of that, you can save most of them for later, because you can get a full team of 5* characters at the start of the game!

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Choose Your Character

After playing through the intro, they let you choose one out of five different 5* Characters.

 I strongly advise choosing Victor. He’s a 5* Defender which is really nice to have when running through missions. However, it’s not worst thing in the world to choose someone else.

Character Ticket (No Longer Available)

Once the game allows you to do as you please, you should head to the main page and tap on the gifts tab. It should give you a handful of gems and some other goodies, but we’ll get to those later. After that you should head on over to item shop, and use some of your gems to purchase a 5* Character Ticket. As the name implies, this allows to draw for a guaranteed 5* character. 

 This is why I recommend getting Victor first, because now you just need a good damage dealer, and you have a little more wiggle room as to who can fill this spot. I recommend re-rolling to get a Cliff or Maria. To use your ticket, simply go to the Draws tab. It should be the second option under Character Draws.

If you don’t like what you drew, you can re-roll by simply uninstalling and re-installing your game, and redo the previous steps. Once again, if you feel like going with someone else, or simply don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of re-rolling it’s no biggie. I recommend steering clear from Invokers though because of what you get next.

Pre-registration Rewards (No Longer Available)


So the game for some reason is gifting the pre-order bonuses to everyone. At least, I don’t remember pre-ordering and I still got the bonus. One of the gifts is Faize, a 5* Invoker. If you chose to accept all whenever you got your gems, he should already be one of your choosable characters. 

She’s nothing crazy, but with her that brings your total of 5* characters to three, which is the max party size you can bring to a mission.

Equip Your Party

To equip your characters you need to go the character’s tab and select Edit Party.

Click edit in the lower right hand corner, and then equip all of your precious 5* characters. Which ever character you put into the first slot is the one that you will play as. For the other two the order doesn’t matter.

I know there are two Invokers when I said to only get one. I was just trying to rush through to make this guide.  

Equip Your Items

After that you should click back in the lower left hand corner and tap on the empty weapon/equipment slots and equip whatever the game has given you.

There won’t be enough for everyone so just equip the best stuff to the character your playing as and give the other two the scraps.

Have Fun!

After that all that’s left for you to do tackle those story missions, which should be really easy with your team full of 5*’s! Also be mindful of completing the objectives for you starter missions. You can see what you need to do by pressing this icon on the main screen.

Quick tip: don’t tackle The Maze of Tribulations until you get the Starter Mission for it, or else you will have to wait until the next day to keep progressing.

You don’t really need to worry about doing much else until the story missions are completed, because completing them unlocks more content. So until then just enjoy slaying monster’s and collecting loot!

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