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Star Wars: Hunters Character Tier List

Star Wars: Hunters brings arena combat to the franchise with some amazing and powerful characters.

Star Wars: Hunters is a new third-person arena shooter with a collection of new characters of varying classes, game modes to mix up the fun, and unique weapons for each character that’s coming to mobile platforms. Though this tier list could shift upon the game’s release, some Star Wars: Hunters characters will naturally be better than others, whether it’s due to look, weapons, or natural ability.

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Star Wars: Hunters Tier List — Best Characters Ranked


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While many Star Wars: Hunters characters have the same role, what separates them is the way they achieve their goals and the weapons they use to do so. Because of this, some characters will be better than others, but there’s no denying that the ones in S-Tier are the clear top choices due to their look and weapons alone:

  • Charr (Tank): The Trandoshian is a hunter with a stocky build who carries a scatter gun, perfect for close-range attacks. This means that close or medium-range combat is his ideal situation, and he is a worthy character to play.
  • Diago (Damage): Diago is a blind sharpshooter with a high-powered rifle that may be slow to fire but packs a huge punch. In fact, even lightsabers can’t deflect him, making him a threat against Force users.
  • Grozz (Tank): A melee-based Wookie, Grozz is powerful at close range with his improvised clubs, which likely means he’s harder to take down.
  • Imara Vex (Damage): Imara Vex carries a traditional blaster rifle and has a look that makes for the perfect starter character that, when mastered, could be a real threat.
  • Reive (Damage): A Sith through and through, Reive’s red lightsaber comes complete with speed and Force powers that make her a legitimate danger to everyone except one.
  • J-3DI (Damage): A robot designed to be a Jedi, J-3DI carries a blue lightsaber and has the necessary skills to take on even the likes of Reive.


Zaina holding blaster in Star Wars: Hunters
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For Star Wars: Hunters, you’ll find more support characters here and some other similarly classed characters that, while impressive, lack the look and power found in S-Tier:

  • Sprocket (Support): Sprocket is fast and moves with remote blasters that can attack from anywhere. However, as a support character, he isn’t the strongest so strategy will be the key to success.
  • Sentinel (Tank): A remnant of the Empire, Sentinel brings his E-Web Heavy REpeater to the battlefield to wreak havoc. But if you’ve played the late Star Wars: Battlefront II, you may find his tactics a bit too familiar.
  • Zaina (Support): Zaina is a healer and source of inspiration for her team, making her the best choice in the support class. Plus, she carries a DL-44 blaster, which is both iconic for being Han Solo’s and incredibly powerful.
  • Slingshot (Tank): An Ugnaught piloting a Droideka is a strange sight, but he brings speed and devasting twin blaster canons that ensure encountering him means you better hit hard or run fast.


Utooni posing in Star Wars: Hunters
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These characters are still great additions to the Star Wars: Hunters arena, but they also offer the riskiest weapons you’ll find in the game:

  • Utooni (Damage): Two Jawas acting as one, Utooni’s pulse blaster and arc caster combo packs a punch and a shock but may not always hit their targets.
  • Skora (Support): One of the coolest-looking characters, Skora uses her dart gun to either heal allies or harm enemies, but as a support character, open combat isn’t the best strategy.

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