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Star Wars: Hunters Grozz Guide — Tips, Tricks, and More

Be the best Wookie out there and learn how to play Grozz before your next Star Wars: Hunters match.

Unlike Sentinel, Grozz must be close to disrupt the other Star Wars: Hunters team. Standing behind a shield and absorbing damage won’t win you any games, as Grozz’s value comes from his ability to stun enemies and keep their attention, while damage hunters like Diago focus on high-damage opponents.

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Grozz’s Abilities in Star Wars: Hunters

Besides your ability to disrupt enemies and slow their escape, you’re also self-reliant, as one of Grozz’s abilities heals himself. So remember that when the enemy starts to overwhelm you. Grozz doesn’t have long-range attacks; you must close the gap between you and the enemy.


Stampede is one of the best abilities to start a team fight. Charge against the enemy team, grabbing whoever is in front of you, and smash them against a wall or take him away from the action. These are Stampede base stats:

  • Grab damage: 10
  • Wall smash damage: 70
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  • Stampede duration: 1.75 seconds

As you can tell, the bulk of the damage comes from smashing your enemy against a wall, so make sure your enemy is close to one so you do all the damage you can.

War Cry

War Cry makes Grozz more reliable as it heals you and doesn’t have a long cooldown. Being able to heal yourself in the middle of a team fight allows you to stay in the battle for longer and help your team secure a kill or an objective. These are War Cry base stats:

  • Healing: 200 health
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds

While leveling War Cry, I noticed something that will make it even more useful. When getting War Cry to Level 2, the ability adds +10% damage reduction. So besides healing yourself, War Cry adds +10% damage reduction while you use it.


Upheaval is perfect for slowing down enemies trying to escape as it launches and slows them. Damage is not what makes Updheaval useful, but its ability to slow enemies. These are Upheaval base stats:

  • Damage: 30
  • Final segment damage: 50
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  • Range: 13.2 m
  • Shockwave Speed: 18.9 m/s

Maxing Upheaval will make this ability even greater as it will make you launch enemies toward you.

Boulder Bash

Grozz’s ultimate is a wildcard since using it at the wrong time can make you lose a fight. Boulder Bash allows you to rip a boulder from the ground and throw it, making it bounce around the map, hurting and stunning your enemies. Using Boulder Bash without thinking it through will reap no rewards, as players away from the fight may not even notice the boulder going around the map.

How to Play Grozz in Star Wars: Hunters

Grozz is a perfect tank to start an attack. Using Stampede allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly while grabbing an enemy and taking him away from his team. Targeting other tank enemies is a great idea, as the enemy team will be vulnerable without them, so if you encounter another Grozz in your next match, make sure to use Stampede on them as soon as possible.

If you plan to use Stampede, make sure there’s a wall behind the enemy. Smashing an enemy while using Stampede will deal more damage than just grabbing them. While playing as Grozz, I also noticed that Stampede does damage if enemy players get hit while you run beside them.

While using Grozz in a few matches, I also discovered something interesting about him. If you use Stampede against another Grozz using the same ability, you and the enemy Grozz get stunned when you hit each other. So if you see another Grozz starting to use Stampede, remember to do the same and counter his attack.

Grozz watching enemies from afar in Star Wars Hunters
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When playing Grozz, some enemies forget how strong and dynamic the character can be, so don’t waste an opportunity to do damage to enemy healers and damage hunters. While in a match, a couple of damage hunters decided to attack me, but using the Stampede + Upheaval combo was enough to make them back away. This combo is effective at disrupting an enemy push and when trying to get the other team off a point.

After the enemy feels like they’re losing the team fight, they tend to escape or back away. If Stampede is on cooldown or you miss your target, Upheaval is your best option. Upheaval launches and slows down enemies while doing some damage, so if you see an enemy low on health getting away, use this ability to secure the kill or slow him down so your teammates get him.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Grozz’s healing ability can be used when taking damage, and at Level 2, it grants some damage reduction. Make sure you use this ability frequently, as it will allow you to stay in the fight.

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