Star Wars The Old Republic Guide: Preparing for Shadow of Revan Expansion

Check this guide out for everything you need to prepare for SWTOR's Shadow of Revan Expansion and game update 3.0!

Check this guide out for everything you need to prepare for SWTOR's Shadow of Revan Expansion and game update 3.0!
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The latest SWTOR game update and expansion releases tomorrow, December 2nd, for early access. To get early access, you had to have pre-ordered the game before November 2nd of this year. All others will be able to get access to the expansion on December 9th, next week.

BioWare has not published many details, but there are things players should be aware of for the launch.

I’m here to help you with that preparation and tell you everything you should do before heading into the next expansion. After launch, I’ll be providing guides to getting through the expansion and on all the new things coming to Star Wars The Old Republic.

This guide will go over preparing for the Shadow of Revan expansion in SWTOR including:

  • Class Missions – Why they are important and what role they play in Shadow of Revan.
  • Forged Alliances Story Arc – What this story arc is and why it is important.
  • Currency – Gathering credits and the conversion rates of commendations going into the expansion.
  • Extra Tips – More things to give you an edge when the expansion comes out.

Class Missions

One thing to note is that class missions will finally have a continuation from when SWTOR first launched. The last expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, only had the planet story missions on Makeb.

This time, there will also be class story missions. These missions are optional though and not needed to progress through Shadow of Revan. In order to do these new missions, you must complete all your class story missions. The class story missions go up to the planet Corellia, so finish those if you want to do the new missions.

Forged Alliances Story Arc

The last end-game story content released for SWTOR was a story arc called Forged Alliances. This arc shows the story leading up to Shadow of Revan and consists of 4 tactical flashpoints. You can find the start of these missions from a droid on your faction’s fleet, located near the Mission Departures elevator.

This is required for the next expansion. There are solo versions of them that you can do once you have the expansion.


It is important to be on top of currency at all times, but especially going into a new expansion. You want to save up as many credits as you can if you need to buy things when Shadow of Revan comes out.


You also want to save up on your elder game/PvE commendations. Let me explain the changes to comms going into the new update.

  • All PvE comms will get converted to Basic Comms when update 3.0 is live.
  • Planetary and Classic Comms are being removed from the game, but will still get converted to basic comms.
  • Warzone and Ranked Warzone comms will not be changed.

Conversion Rates:

  • 2 classic = 1 Basic
  • 1 Elite = 2 Basic
  • 1 Planetary = 3 Basic
  • 1 Ultimate = 3 Basic

Elite and Ultimate will stay in the game, they are just being converted at the beginning to prevent people from saving up and buying the latest tier of gear as soon as they get to level 60.

Tip: Turn in Dailies After the Expansion Drops

It is a good idea to do dailies to get money. You might want to do a bunch of dailies, but then save them to turn in after the expansion. This gives you a boost of experience before you even begin the expansion.

Extra Tips

There are few more things you can do that will help out when starting.

  • Experience Boosts. Getting experience boosts is great because you’ll get 25% more experience for everything you do. Make sure you get the general one that boosts everything.

  • Gear. May not seem important, but it is. You don’t need to gear your character in raid stuff, but you should at least have gear at level 55 so you can actually do the new content.

That’s everything I have on preparing for SWTOR‘s game update 3.0 Shadow of Revan expansion. If you have any questions, or other suggestions on preparing, let me know in the comments!

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