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Stardew Valley: Best Greenhouse Layout

Got a Green Thumb? Here's the best Greenhouse Layout in Stardew Valley.

The Greenhouse in Stardew Valley is a building on the farm that’s displayed from the initial introduction of Grandpa’s farm. It won’t be usable at the start due to its dilapidated state. However, the Greenhouse can be repaired by Junimos if the Pantry Bundles in the Community Center have been completed. It can also be purchased from the Joja Community Development for 35,000g. As it’s a place that can grow produce from any season, it’s important to know how to use it to its fullest potential. Therefore, here’s the best greenhouse layout in Stardew Valley.

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Optimal Greenhouse Layout

Though there are a few options for different layouts in the Greenhouse, it’s good to know which one is going to be most beneficial so you can plant as many crops as possible. Firstly, it’s important to use automated sprinklers. Despite the sprinklers taking up some space, using a watering can daily will become tedious. You’ll need six Iridium Sprinklers, leading to only four crop spaces being sacrificed, while also leaving room for 116 plants. Iridium Sprinklers are unlocked when you’ve reached Level 9 Farming. They’re the best sprinklers in the game, as they water 24 adjacent tiles every day.

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to reach Level 9 Farming, you can use the same layout with Quality Sprinklers. This will require 16 Quality Sprinklers, but they’ll take up 12 crop spaces. This means there will only be room for 108 plants.

Extra Optimization

Further optimization of the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley can be done by having Pressure Nozzles. Pressure Nozzles can be placed on a sprinkler, which increases the sprinkler’s overall watering range. They can only be purchased in Qi’s Walnut Room, where you can buy four for 20 Qi Gems. Equipping pressure nozzles on four iridium sprinklers will result in only two crop spaces being taken by sprinklers, giving you an extra two spaces for plants.

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Additional Tips

While it’s important to know the general layout, it’s also good to know the best crops to plant for the most lucrative outcome. If you end up planting crops that aren’t worth a great deal of money, it’s less efficient. Grandpa wouldn’t be proud! I would recommend planting Ancient Fruit, Starfruits, and Pumpkins, as you’ll have an endless supply (apart from Starfruits, which need to be replanted) that can be used for wine/juice or jam/pickles. Turning these crops into agricultural products will turn your farm into a cash cow. It’s important to note that having the ideal layout will not work for trellis crops, such as Hops, so I wouldn’t recommend planting them.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the best greenhouse layout in Stardew Valley. Whether you prefer a more aesthetic greenhouse or a more profitable one, it’s good to have an idea of a base layout, as creating the perfect Greenhouse in Stardew Valley can take a lot of work. For more tips, check out our Stardew Valley guides hub.

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