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Stardew Valley: How to Do the Spawn Items Exploit

Want easy gameplay? Here's how to spawn items in Stardew Valley.

The Spawn Items Exploit in Stardew Valley, is a cheat that allows you to spawn infinite items. This is done by renaming your character with a one to three-digit item code in square brackets. Any time your character’s name is mentioned an item will spawn that belongs to the ID. It’s good to mention that unfortunately, this mechanic doesn’t work on consoles. However, it’s still possible on the PC. That being said, here’s how to do the spawn items exploit in Stardew Valley.

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How to Do the Spawn Items Exploit in Stardew Valley

The spawn items exploit gives you a boost in the game if you’re just starting out. Recipes or rare minerals may not be as obtainable, but are required for necessary parts in the game. For example, the item ID for a prismatic shard is [74]. This would help out new players, as it’s needed for a plethora of things, such as the Galaxy Sword, a donation to the Museum, and to unlock the Movie Theater.

Different Ways to Use Spawn Item Exploit

If the idea of only having one item ID doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry! You can have up to three different or same item IDs. Each item ID needs to be surrounded by square brackets, and there should be no spaces between the separate item IDs. For example, if you wanted a prismatic shard, a starfruit and a rabbit’s foot, your name would be: [446][74][268].

You can also name your animals and children as an item ID. However, it isn’t as effective as their names are less likely to appear in dialogue. Since you’re unable to rename animals, you would need to keep purchasing new animals to receive a new item.

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That covers how to do the spawn items exploit in Stardew Valley. This spawning cheat may not be for everyone, but it definitely adds some extra fun to this delightful farming sim. For more SDV content, check out our guides page here at GameSkinny.

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