Stardew Valley: How to Find the Secret Woods

Psst...want to know a secret? Here's how to find the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley.

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The Secret Woods is a secluded part of the forest in Stardew Valley. It has many items that you can’t find anywhere else, such as forageables and fish. There are also certain quests that can only be completed in this eldritch place. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, there’s more! Here’s how to find the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley.

How to Find the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

You’ll be able to access the Secret Woods from the Northwest side of Cindersap Forest. A good indication that you’re close by is when you pass the Travelling Cart and keep going straight. The Secret Woods are initially blocked by a large log that can be removed with at least a Steel Axe upgrade. Be warned: there are some slimes that occupy the area. They don’t deal a lot of damage, but it’s still good to be prepared.

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How to Get the Secret Woods Bears Knowledge Buff

There are many reasons why the Secret Woods are so alluring. If you’ve managed to acquire the Secret Note #23, titled “A Strange Note,” you may be curious to see what’s inside the Secret Woods.

This cryptic note has the sentence, “If yoo can reed dis…come to seecrit wuds. Pleez bring may-pal serrup”. Once you’ve entered the forest after activating this quest, you’ll find a bear requesting maple syrup. If you complete this task, you’ll be gifted with “Bears Knowledge,” which permanently increases the sale price of blackberries and salmonberries by three.

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Secret Woods Statue: How to Get the Hidden Stardrop

There is a peculiar looking statue (Old Master Cannoli) that resides in the Northwest corner of the Secret Woods. If you gift the statue a sweet gem berry, the statue will open its mouth. If you touch the statue again after doing so, you’ll be gifted a stardrop.

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Important Secret Woods Items

It’s important to note that there are some elusive items in Stardew Valley Secret Woods location.

  • Woodskip is a type fish that can only be caught in the pond located in the Secret Woods.
  • Despite fiddlehead fern being able to be found in other places, the most common place is the Secret Woods, with a 78% spawn rate during Summer.
  • The Morel is a type of mushroom that be found in the Secret Woods. This is useful if you don’t have the mushroom cave.
  • Hardwood is a rarer type of wood in Stardew Valley. The Secret Woods contain six large hardwood stumps that regrow daily.
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That’s how to find the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley. Given its concealed nature, there may be other things you’ll be able to find that we haven’t noted. For more tips and tricks, including how to get certain items or complete recipes lists, check out our SDV guides hub.

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