Starfield: All Executive Level Choices Guide

As the final mission in the Ryujin storyline, your decisions can alter the course of Starfield.

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Executive Level concludes the Ryujin questline in Starfield. There are multiple outcomes depending on your choices, and they impact the relationships you have with your Constellation members. On top of that, it will decide who ultimately runs Ryujin and how deadly their countermeasures become. Here are all of the Executive Level choices in Starfield.

All Executive Level Choices Guide in Starfield

Once the dust settles from Sabotage, there are two main items that can be decided on during Executive Level:

  • Acquire Infinity LTD or not (essentially changing the leadership of Ryujin Industries).
  • Continue to develop the Internal Neuroamp or shove it into a back closet.

Speak to the Board Members: Side With Masako or Ularu?

Masako tasks you with swaying the various board members to her side. You’ll need to acquire Infinity LTD for some good publicity, as well as their client list, before the vote. You need to speak with:

  • Ularu
  • Linden
  • Veera
  • Alexis
  • Dalton
  • Genevieve
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While speaking with each of them, you can also bring up the neuroamp and sway them to your position on it. You’ll potentially get a chance to persuade them on each point, or you can simply Manipulate them to agree with you. You can also fail the persuasion check, with no way to manipulate them after. If you’re worried that the final vote won’t go the way you want it, saving before you speak to each person can give you a cushion to fall on.

  • If you side with Masako, you can undermine the R&D of the Internal Neuroamp.
  • If you side with Ularu, R&D on the Internal Neuroamp will continue.

I decided to side with Masako instead of Ularu, as well as work against the development of the Internal Neuroamp. I used my high persuasion skill, along with wearing the fitted suit obtained in earlier Ryujin missions and Paramour, to get the executives to vote the way I wanted them to.

Board Meeting Vote: Oust Ularu or Masako?

Once you speak to all members of the executive board, go to the conference room and take a seat. All personnel will file in, then Masako will start. At this time, the decision to acquire Infinity is addressed. Depending on your position and how you did speaking with everyone, the vote will either oust Ularu as the mole and get her fired or it will oust Masako and place Ularu as the new director.

After that decision is made, you can bring up the internal neuroamp, Project Dominion, or choose to ignore it. I brought it up as I was against it, but if you’re for it, keep quite and let the proceedings continue. Since I was able to persuade everyone that the security and publicity risk of the technology was too high, Project Dominion got shelved and forgotten about.

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When the meeting finishes, whoever is the head of Ryujin industries will chat with you. You’ll be awarded a promotion to Senior Operative, and you’ll get your own office down on the Operations level. This also gives you access to the Ryujin mission board, allowing you to claim radiant missions for the faction. I sided with Masako and kept Imogene alive, so she gave me the promotion.

How Your Executive Level Choices Affect Your Companions

Afterward, you’ll get activity notices to speak to Andreja, Barrett, and Sarah. This concerns the outcome of the meeting, which is already making news on SSNN.

  • If you chose Ularu and let the neuroamp research continue, they’ll be angry with you. You’ll end up losing affinity with all three of them.
  • If chose Masako, you’ll gain a small amount of affinity for choosing the lesser of two evils.

Those are all the Executive Level choices in Starfield. For more choice guides, quest walkthroughs, or how to romance your companions, take a look through our guide hub.

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