Starfield: How to Find Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja in NG+

Finding the rest of your Constellation companions in Starfield's NG+ can take a bit of legwork.

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If you’ve progressed through the story in Starfield and entered NG+, you’ll find there are a variety of differences. With the ability to skip through the main story when you initially speak with Sarah at the Lodge, you’ll no longer have the quests that introduce you to Sam Coe or Andreja. You’ll also not have the chance to rescue Barrett from pirates. So how do you get all your Constellation companions? Here’s how to find Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja in Starfield NG+.

How to Find Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja in Starfield NG+

Unlike the first playthrough of the game, NG+ allows you to skip the main storyline. This means you won’t have to go to the Empty Nest, find Andreja, or rescue Barrett from pirates. This also means you don’t have the opportunities to meet these companions as you did before. Instead, you need to complete the new Among the Stars quest.

Among the Stars begins after you speak to Vladimir on The Eye. He gives you six locations where the Artifacts are, which differ from your original playthrough. Once the quest is complete, head back to New Atlantis. Gathering all six Artifacts also brings your companions to the Lodge.

When you enter you should see Sam, Barrett, and Andreja in the library or greenhouse area. A missing companion, however, means they were most likely killed by the Hunter and will no longer appear in this universe. Each time you progress through another iteration of NG+, this can change.

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Finding Barrett in NG+

The main exception to this is Barrett. Whereas Sam Coe isn’t found in Akila City and Andreja isn’t battling Va’Ruun Zealots, Barrett can be located before you finish collecting all six artifacts. Fly to the Argos Mining Operation on Vectera in the Narion system. He’ll be hanging around with Lin and Heller outside of the facility. Speaking with him will allow you to bring him with you as your active companion or assign him to your ship. If you leave him behind, you’ll see him at the Lodge when the rest of your companions appear.

That’s how to find Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja in Starfield when playing NG+. For more on companions, how to romance characters, or complete main story missions, peruse our guide hub.

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