Starfield: Can You Join House Va’Ruun?

You hear about the House of Va'Ruun all over the place in Starfield, but can you join it as a faction? Find out in this guide.

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You come across several factions during your time in Starfield, and you’ll come across a handful you’d like to join. Constellation, the Freestar Rangers, the UC Vanguards, and the Crimson Fleet make up some of the more obvious options that the game herds you toward based on choices, while others, such as the Ecliptic Mercenaries or the Sanctum Universum, tempt you with no clear answer as to whether you can join them or not. In this guide, we’ll answer the question: can join the House of Va’Ruun in Starfield?

Can You Join House Va’Ruun in Starfield?

You hear a whole lot about House Va’Ruun early in the game, and you’ll even see some of its members around New Atlantis. Heck, you’ll shoot a few House of Va’Ruun members during your travels. From how much visibility they get, it seems like it might be possible to join as a worshiper of the Great Serpent.

No matter how it seems, no matter how often you see its members, you can’t join the House of Va’Ruun in Starfield at the time of writing. That tracks with the faction’s secretive nature but is disappointing whether you chose the Serpent’s Embrace trait at character creation or not.

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The Serpent’s Embrace trait notes that you grew up worshiping the Great Serpent, meaning that at one point, your character was likely part of the faction. Unfortunately, just as with Raised Universal and the Sanctum Universum, that doesn’t mean you have access to the organization as a member. Serpent’s Embrace does have an impactful effect on your gameplay. It essentially forces you to grav jump regularly for a boost to oxygen and health, at the risk of losing oxygen and health for not grav jumping often enough. But it doesn’t impact your faction options.

Not being able to join the House of Va’Ruun or the other smaller, secretive factions is a disappointing omission for those hoping to functionally roleplay as a member. You know now whether you can join House Va’Ruun. With the answer being no, you’ll have to make do with your imagination unless it’s added as a DLC down the line. Since you’re playing the game now, though, consider checking out some of our Starfield guides.

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