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There are a number of factions, both large and small, in Starfield that you can potentially join.

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There are any number of organizations, known as factions, that you can join in Starfield. Whether your idea of a good time is becoming a space pirate or a space cowboy, there’s a group for you. You do have the ability to join all the major factions at once, but you’ll need some fancy footwork to keep them all happy. If you’re wondering what they’re all about, or looking for the next one you want to sign up for, here’s all the information you should know about Starfield factions.

All Factions in Starfield

All Major Factions


Constellation is an explorers group and the only faction that you can’t decline joining. As the catalyst for the main story of Starfield, it’d be pretty hard to not be a member. You also meet all the characters you can romance through Constellation. While they don’t necessarily butt heads with any of the other factions, they do still have standards they like to abide by.

Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet is the first faction you meet in the game. A group of pirates formed by Jasper Kryx in 2241, they’re headquartered out of their own system, Kryx. Known for being violent as well as without morals, you can join them by heading to their base or during the undercover UC Vanguard mission. Joining, at least momentarily, will allow you to purchase Scan Jammers and Shielded Cargo, both valuable tools to obtain.

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Freestar Rangers

Headquartered out of Akila City, the Freestar Rangers are your do-good sheriff types. Their outfits even come with cowboy hats. Their missions often revolve around taking out Spacers or members of the Crimson Fleet, whether planet side or in space. They even rescue hostages. You get an invitation to join while doing The Empty Nest main story quest. As a Freestar Collective Settler, you’ll get more rewards when completing Freestar Rangers quests, as well as special dialogue.

Ryujin Industries

While they may seem like basic corporate cutthroats, Ryujin Industries are more akin to pirates in suits. Their missions start off basic, but you’ll soon see yourself going down a dark spiral the farther you get in their storyline. You can join up by overhearing an ad in Neon City that they’re hiring, then filling out the application at the kiosk.

UC Vanguards

The UC Vanguards are the equivilent to the Freestar Rangers, except with a more militarized approach. They keep the people of the United Colonies safe, take out pirates, and protect against the Terrormorphs. Their storyline is also the most revealing when it comes to the history of Starfield. If you want to join, you can during The Old Neighborhood when you visit the recruitment office with Sarah. You might be interested in joining the Vanguards if you took the United Colonies Native trait, which grants unique dialogue and special rewards when completing UC missions.

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All Minor Factions

Ecliptic Mercenaries

This faction is filled with mercenaries for hire, often working in the United Colonies. It’s the main reason the UC SysDef hasn’t fully shut them down. You’ll encounter hostile Ecliptics in all manner of locations, especially in abandoned facilities. You can’t join this faction.

Gangs of Neon City

There are a couple different gangs putting up their stake in Neon City. The Seokguh Syndicate, Strikers, and The Disciples are all looking for a piece of the action. You can only join the Strikers after learning about the Disciples, or by directly heading to Madam Sauvage’s in Ebbside. Activities you do in Neon, including joining a gang, are all enhanced by the Neon Street Rat trait.

House of the Enlightened

The House of the Enlightened is a religious organization with a base in New Atlantis, as well as a building in Akila City. They’re atheists in regards to a higher power controlling everything, with a more practical outlook on helping their fellow mankind.

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House of Va’Ruun

The House Va’Ruun are followers of the Great Serpent, though you’ll run into a coterie of Va’Ruun Zealots who desire to wipe out all unbelievers. If you chose Serpant’s Embrace at character creation you’ll belong to the much more accepted House Va’Ruun.

Sanctum Universum

If you picked Raised Universal during character creation, this is the religious faction you belong to. Followers believe that God exists somewhere in space, and exploration is His hand guiding them to Him. You’ll have a chest of items at their location in New Atlantis. If you head to any House of the Enlightened you may come away at odds with them.


Trackers are the Bounty Hunters of Starfield. Skilled at locating criminals with large bounties on their heads, they can often be found near the Mission Board kiosk waiting for their next job. Legendary bounty hunter, The Mantis, is one of the most elite Trackers. You can’t join them in a straightforward sense, but you can complete missions to take down pirates, or directly help a member if they offer you a quest.

The Trade Authority

The Trade Authority pretty much owns all buying and selling at staryards throughout the systems. You’ll find their yellow kiosks available in Neon City, Akila City, New Atlantis, and Cydonia. They also have brick and mortar locations, such as the building in Akila City. While unscrupulous, they will buy and sell anything they can get their hands on, even contraband. You can’t necessarily join the Trade Authority, but there are a few quests you can do for them.

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Spacers are any pirates that haven’t pledge loyalty to the Crimson Fleet. They often operate in small groups, won’t hesitate to kill, and are utterly ruthless. They are typically considered the worst of the worst. You can’t join this faction.

That’s all you need to know about the multiple factions in Starfield. With such a diverse offering of groups, it may be hard to narrow down how you want to play your character. However, you can join many of the like minded organizations with ease. For more about the world of Starfield, how to complete certain quests, where to find skill magazines or how to upgrade your ship’s cargo hold, check out our guide vault.

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