Starfield: Can You Play on GeForce Now?

If you're trying to play Starfield over the cloud, you may be wondering if you can play it with GeForce Now.

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With Starfield taking the industry by storm, even during its Early Access period, it’s natural that players are searching for the most accessible method to play Bethesda’s latest RPG. Cloud gaming is a viable solution for those who are always on the go or have weaker hardware. One of the most prominent services is from Nvidia. With that in mind, you may be wondering: can you play Starfield on GeForce Now?

Can You Play Starfield on GeForce Now?

Although it wasn’t available at launch, you can currently play Starfield on GeForce Now. Many were unsure since neither Nvidia, Microsoft, nor Bethesda made any mentions of the juggernaut RPG arriving on the cloud service. It only took a week after its launch to suddenly appear among the offered titles. Players just need to link their Steam or Xbox accounts to access their library, although membership is needed for longer sessions and better performance. Even those who play Starfield through Xbox Game Pass can join in on the fun.

A lot of people were expecting to see it eventually, though. Microsoft does have a deal with GeForce Now and a selection of PC Game Pass titles are being continually added. This has even included other Bethesda Softworks published titles such as Deathloop, Doom (2016), and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

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Is Starfield Available Through Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Microsoft does have its own solution for those looking for alternatives. Not only is this space-faring RPG available on Xbox Game Pass, but subscribers in the “Ultimate” tier can play it through Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well. You can even play on PC and Xbox with one purchase.

And that answers whether or not you can play Starfield on GeForce Now. Whether you’re enjoying the game currently through the cloud or on your physical hardware, feel free to check out our growing collection of Starfield guides for any other tips and tricks you may need.

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