Starfield: Complete Freestar Rangers Questline Guide

The Freestar Rangers are a main faction with an extensive storyline in Starfield.

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The Freestar Rangers are one of the main factions in Starfield, and based out of Akila City. The former occupation of Constellation companion Sam Coe, and an interesting way to visit systems in the Freestar Collective, this is the complete Freestar Rangers questline in Starfield.

What Are All the Freestar Ranger Quests in Starfield?

The Freestar Rangers quests begin during the main storyline when you travel to Akila City with Sam Coe. In total, there are eight main quests to the Freestar Rangers storyline, along with the handful of radiant quests you can pick up at the kiosk. This is my favorite faction to join, not just because of Sam Coe, but because it comes with its own plot twists.

Freestar Rangers Quest List

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Types of Freestar Rangers Mission Board Quests

Whether your done with the faction story or simply want extra missions to complete, the kiosk in The Rock offers a variety of Freestar Rangers quests. As soon as you speak with Ranger Emma Wilcox during Deputized, you’ll be able to use the kiosk. Most of the quests are similar, with the main types of missions being:

  • Kill a Pirate of a certain rank at a specific location.
  • Destroy a Crimson Fleet ship of a certain type in a specific system.
  • Kill Outlaw Gang Leader at a specific location.
  • Kill a Spacer of a certain rank at a specific location.
  • Rescue Hostage.
  • Kill a Va’Ruun Zealot of a certain rank at a specific location.
  • One Riot, One Ranger.

What Is One Riot, One Ranger?

One Riot, One Ranger is a follow up mission given by Diego when you complete enough of the general radiant quests. He tasks you with taking out the leadership of a band of pirates or spacers, which is only possible thanks to the work you’ve been doing. I like being able to do these as it gives a little extra flavor to the missions.

Those are all the missions involved in the Freestar Rangers questline in Starfield. If you want to know how to join them, what the other factions are, or what decisions to make during some of the quests, check out our extensive guide library.

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