Starfield Entangled Mission: How to Save Everyone

If you don't want to decide between universes during the Entangled quest in Starfield, there's good news.

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The Entangled mission in Starfield is a side quest that sets up the ending to be a decision between one universe over the other. Either you save Rafael or you save Director Patel and Maria. However, there’s a way to save both universes without having to choose. Here’s how to save everyone during the Entangled Mission in Starfield.

How to Save Everyone in Entangled in Starfield

The main difference that you need to look out for when trying to complete Entangled comes towards the end of the quest. When you reach the accelerator and are tasked with disengaging the power locks, you want to ensure you’re in the intact lab. Interact with the distortion nearby to switch universes.

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Since this is the world where Rafael died to save everyone else, you’ll want to find his body. It’s located on the first floor in the far right corner under a set of stairs. In his inventory, you want to find the Probe Calibration Protocol. This is what will allow you to merge the universes and save everyone.

How to Calibrate the Probe

To calibrate the probe per the instructions you just picked up, you need to get to the intact Control Room. You’ll have to switch between universes a couple times since the only entrance to this room is back in Rafael’s universe. Once you return to the world of Maria and Dr. Patel, you want to interact with the Lab Control Computer.

The Lab Control Computer option you want is Degaussing. To do the next part you need to turn the noted switches off then on again in the corresponding universe. Each switch will have its number in the title when hovering over it. The computer will show COMPLETE if the process was done correctly. Repeat for the destroyed universe.

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Once that’s done, you want to set each world to a specific frequency. The destroyed world needs to be 24 GHz, and the intact one needs to be 40 GHz. You want the Frequency Calibration to list Intake Waveform as STABLE. The last thing you need to do is activate the Primary Calibration Control in both worlds for them to merge.

At the end of Entangled, you’ll earn yourself the following rewards in addition to the regular quest completion items:

  • 800 EXP
  • Credits x 17,000
  • Experimental Nishina Helment
  • Experiment Nishina Spacesuit

That’s how to save everyone during the Entangled mission in Starfield. Since you saved Rafael, he’s available to recruit immediately or you can find him at the Viewport in New Atlantis. For the full Entangled walkthrough, head to our guide vault. We also have other quest walkthroughs, item locations, how to build an outpost, and more.

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