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Starfield: How to Complete the Entangled Mission

Entangled is one of the trippier end of game missions in Starfield. Here's how to complete it.

The Entangled mission occurs late in the Starfield campaign. It’s focused on an Artifact going haywire and creating a localized set of parallel realities. Your objective is to fix things, and you’ll be fighting your way through two versions of the same facility, solving small puzzles along the way. Here’s how to complete the Entangled mission in Starfield.

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How to Complete the Entangled Mission in Starfield

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The Starfield Entangled mission is on the planet Freya-III at the Nishina Research Station. Shortly after reaching the planet, you’ll receive a distress call. When you go down to the facility, they claim they have no record of sending such a signal. You’ll be let in. Then, as your tour begins, you’ll reach an area overrun by rot and corruption.

Starfield Entangled Mission Walkthrough

Continue following quest markers as you move uncontrollably between realities, speaking to Rafael and following Ethan. Do so until you first encounter the bug-like enemies. Head down the hallway and take the first right you see.

Head up the stairs and back to the “clean” reality to meet Director Patel and Maria. Speak with them, then follow Maria until you enter the “rot” reality again. From there, exit into the larger room and look for the door on your right with the Emergency sign above it.

Fight the scorpion things, and proceed until you meet with Rafael again. Take the pantry key he gives you, and open the sliding doors nearby (with the intercom device next to them). Go in, and you’ll be back in the “clean” reality for a moment, then back to “rot” shortly. Kill more enemies, then speak to Rafael. Keep heading toward the lab, shifting twice. When you reach a room with a large hive structure, take the left doorway to the fabrication lab.

Speak to Maria and calibrate the Probe Control Unit. When you pick up one or your own in the “rot” dimension, it will allow you to shift between realities. You’re now free to explore Nishina Research Station by calibrating the PCU at Distortions scattered about the place.

Head back to the “clean” reality, speak to Maria, then to Director Patel. They’ll explain the Station is in a quantum state where it both is and isn’t destroyed. As the outside observer, removing the Artifact will determine which state persists: the “clean” reality with all its staff or Rafael and the “rot” reality.

At this point, you can speak to Dr. Barakova and give her the journal she wrote in the “rot” reality, as well as top up on medical supplies. From there, proceed to the elevator in the main hall and through the distortion there. Then take the elevator down.

How to Override the Lockdown in the Facility

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The rest of the Starfield Entangled mission is determining which distortions to take to progress. Many of the doors here are Master-level locks, so if you’ve leveled your Security skill, you can bypass many of the smaller puzzles. Here’s where to go:

  • The first distortion is near the door on your right. Don’t go down the stairs.
  • The second distortion is to the right of the empty, orange-lit robot closets, at the back of the room.
  • Take the Nishina Paritcle Lab Keycard on the desk near the windows to unlock the doors here.
  • Open the locked door to the office and go directly across the room, keeping the med case on your right. Fight the robots and sentry turrets in the “clean” reality, and scorpions in the “rot.”
  • Head down the stairs and through the distortion in the room to your immediate right. Go across the hall in “rot” and turn left in the room with the engine.
  • Take the distortion near the far wall, between two machines, then interact with the computer to disable the lockdown.

Exit the computer room through the nearby security door and hang a right through the door at the end of the ramp. Follow the stairs down to the Accelerator.

How to Override the Lockdown in the Accelerator

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Destroy all the turrets and robots that appear. You start this part of the quest by taking the distortion in the back left or the center of the room.

  • Find the room labeled Emergency in the back of the “rot” reality. Go through the open security doors down the stairs and to your left.
  • Head up the next set of stairs and grab the Nishina Utility Close Key Card from the desk.
  • Go back to the main room, take a distortion to the “clean” reality, and go to the back-right corner of the room near the objective marker. Open the Utility Closet and go through that distortion.
  • Exit the closet through the opening that appears, grab the next distortion between the server bays, and interact with the computer again to end the lockdown.

More robots are liable to spawn, and you can either destroy or avoid them. Either way, head through the Access Tunnel doorway at the back of the room. Grab the distortion nearby and take a right into the rot caves.

How to Override the Lockdown in Storage

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  • Follow the cave to the right toward the objective marker until you reach a dead end on an upper platform, then go through the doorway that appears.
  • Take a left into the computer room and go through the distortion, then into another cave at the other end of the room. Fight through the scorpions until you reach a distortion by a spacesuit workbench. Go through and interact with the computer to override the lockdown.

Retrace your steps in the “clean” reality, up the ramp and around to the right. Beware the high-level turret guarding the next security door. Grab the distortion near the stairs, head up, and through the now-open door into the Artifact research area. Disengage the seven interlocks marked on your HUD, and decide which of the two realities to keep.

Once you make that decision, head back up the elevator and speak to either Director Patel or Rafael to receive your reward.

That’s how to complete the Entangled mission in Starfield. It’s a trippy quest showcasing the power of the Artifacts, and one of the more difficult moral choices I encountered in the game. For more, check out our guides on how to get all houses, get the Mantis space suit, and more in our guides hub for the game.

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