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Starfield: How to Get All Houses

If you want to purchase a home in Starfield, this is how you do it.

There are a few different places you can put down roots in Starfield. Along with the homes that come from traits, there are multiple abodes you can purchase with your hard-earned credits. Located in the biggest cities in the Settled Systems, these offer you an area to lay your head or decorate to your heart’s content, all without having to scout out a suitable planet. Here’s how to get all houses in Starfield.

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How to Get All Houses in Starfield

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There are eight homes you can acquire in the game. Two come from character creation traits, while the rest need to be purchased for varying sums of money.

Houses From Traits

The Dream Home trait sets you up with a luxurious house on Nesoi for the meager cost of 125,000 credits, paid in weekly increments of 500 credits. You’ll need to start earning big bucks the instant you begin the game to afford this place.

Kid Stuff doesn’t exactly give you your own house. It’s your parents’ house that you can visit in New Atlantis. It will cost you 2% of your total credits each week, but you can crash there whenever you’re in need of a bed.

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Starfield Houses You Can Buy

Starting in New Atlantis, you can purchase The Wells Apartment for a paltry 30,000 credits. However, you must be a UC Citizen and have completed the quest Friends Like These. If you’ve already done that, speak with Zora Sangweni to purchase it.

There are two homes you can purchase in Akila City. The Stretch Apartment in Midtown costs 45,000 credits, while the spacious Core Residence costs 78,000 credits. I personally prefer the Stretch Apartment, as it already comes with walls for a bedroom, versus the open floor plan studio style of the Core Residence. If you’re interested in either of the properties, talk to Ngodup Tate, who hangs out near the second-floor exit of The Rock.

Finally, in Neon City, you can flaunt your wealth by purchasing a penthouse. Speak with the bartender inside the Astral Lounge to become the new owner of a Sky Suite for 235,000 credits. There’s a lot of space, but it has the same studio setup in regard to sleeping arrangements. The view is also less than stellar.

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If you’re short on funds, you can look into getting yourself a SleepCrate in Ebbside in Neon City. This is the cheapest option in the game. It only costs 6,500 credits and can be purchased from the SleepCrate vendor.

Quest Houses

As a reward for completing the UC Vanguard storyline quest A Legacy Forged and becoming an official UC citizen, you’ll get the Mercury Tower Penthouse in New Atlantis. To get the key, head to Aphelion Realty, located across the MAST Tower. Then you can go check out your new digs.

That’s how to get all houses in Starfield. If building an outpost is more your style or having the most luxurious spaceship for sleeping, check out the rest of our guides for help.

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