Starfield: How to Assign Weapons to Groups

Here's how to assign ship weapons to a group in Starfield.

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There’s a chance you’ve come across the “Unassigned Weapon” error in Starfield, or maybe you just want to get your weapons organized. Either way, placing your ship’s armaments into batches is straightforward once you know how. Here’s how to assign weapons to groups.

How to Assign Weapons to Groups in Starfield

Organizing your weapons sounds like a chore, but I recommend it so you can engage in space combat with ease. Starfield is an adventure amongst the stars — when you’re not getting confused by the immense UI, that is. Assigning a weapon to a group is tricky to figure out from the get-go, but whether you’re on Xbox or PC, you’ll follow the same steps. Here’s how to assign your ship’s weapons to a group.

  • Talk to a Ship Services Technician.
  • Modify Ship.
  • Open the Ship Building Menu.
  • Select the Flight Check option in the bottom right corner.
  • Head to the Weapons tab.
  • Assign the errored Starship weapons to groups within the available weapon grouping slots.

After you’ve successfully assigned your weapons to a group, you’ll notice the status change at the bottom right-hand corner of your Flight Check menu to read as “Nominal.”

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Ship Services Technician Locations in Starfield

If you’re having issues locating a Ship Services Technician, here’s where you can find them:

  • New Atlantis on Jemison: Alpha Centauri System.
  • Hopetown on Polvo: Valo System.
  • Cydonia on Mars: Sol System.
  • New Homestead on Titan: Sol System.
  • Deimos Staryard on Deimos: Sol System.
  • Akila City on Akila: Cheyenne System.
  • Gagarin on Gagarin: Alpha Centauri System.
  • The Key: Kryx System.
  • Paradiso on Porrima II: Porrima System.
  • The Red Mile on Porrima III: Porrima System.
  • Neon on Volii Alpha: Volii System. 
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard orbiting Dalvik: Nation System.
  • The Eleos Retreat on Ixyll II: Ixyll System.
  • The Den: Wolf System.

That’s how to assign weapons to groups in Starfield. Our growing guides hub has even more to offer, including answers to questions such as how do you fix the building shaders error?

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