Starfield: How to Complete Operation Starseed

If you want to recruit Amelia Earhart companion in Starfield, follow our guide on how to complete Operation Starseed.

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If you decide to respond to a distress call on Charybdis, which is a miscellaneous mission in Starfield, you’ll be able to make some money and recruit an excellent companion named Amelia Earhart, who wants nothing in return for her services. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to complete Operation Starseed in Starfield, including all the required steps.

How to Complete Operation Starseed in Starfield

Land on Charybdis III

Operation Starseed starts as soon as you land on Charybdis III in the distant Charybdis system. Once you land there, follow these steps:

  1. Travel to The Crucible outpost (select on the map).
  2. Approach and interact with the Tobias robot.
  3. When asked about the purpose of your arrival, choose: “I received your distress call.”

Once you pass the Tobias check, you can meet and speak to the clones of the famous leaders that reside in the Crucible:

  • Franklin
  • Amanirenas
  • Genghis Khan

All of them will ask you to help them handle the situation with the Crucible in various ways, which you’ll need to decide at the end of the mission.

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Find All Facility Clues

Speak to Franklin once again, as well as the Wyatt Earp clone. After that, reach the Facility on the other side of the planet, where you’ll discover that the outpost is infested with Maggotmaws. Here, you need to fight a massive Hunting Maggotmaw (Level 85) boss. I highly recommend using the laser rifle against it with a critical damage boost.

Once you’ve dealt with the monsters, collect all seven audio logs that will be marked on your map. Return to the Crucible and give the audio logs to one of the three leaders: Franklin, Amanirenas, or Genghis Khan. Note that this choice won’t affect the ending of the mission.

Find the Beagle’s Origins

Speak to Ada Lovelace at the Crucible and learn that the clones of the famous leaders on Charybdis III have originated from the ship called “Beagle.” Now, you need to discover its origins by following these steps:

  1. Arrive at the Bel system.
  2. Scan the Navigation Beacon by pressing “F” on PC or “LB” on Xbox.
  3. Jump to Zelazny I planet in the Zelazny system.
  4. Board the Beagle spaceship.
  5. Fight your way to the very end of the ship.
  6. Access the Beagle’s Datacore.
  7. Download the Override Code.

Choose Your Side

Once you have the Override Code, you can return to the Crucible on Charybdis III. Here, you need to make one of the following choices:

  • Side with Franklin to spare the life of Amanirenas but kill off Genghis Khan.
  • Side with Genghis Khan but kill off both Franklin and Amanirenas.

I’d go for fewer casualties and side with Franklin, but it’s ultimately your choice. When you’ve chosen the side, speak to Ada Lovelace, who can decipher the Override Code.

Return to the Facility

Finally, you can return to the Facility and unlock the Datacore. On your way there, you can fight the Clone Leader boss (Level 76), or you could simply sneak past him. Once you enter the Facility Datacore, you’ll be presented with three options:

  • Reboot and restore current mission parameters.
    • Nothing will change.
    • Reward: 3,000 Credits.
  • Reboot and choose a new Super-Admin.
    • A new clone leader will be appointed per your previous choice.
    • Reward: 6,000 Credits.
  • Initiate full project cleanse.
    • All clones will be killed! Now you can recruit Amelia Earhart companion at the Crucible.
    • Reward: 2,000 Credits.

That’s all you need to know on how to complete Operation Starseed in Starfield. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles on Bethesda’s space RPG right here.

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