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Starfield: How to Complete Sure Bet

Sure Bet is a side quest located in the Alpha Centauri system in Starfield. Here's how to complete it.

In the Alpha Centauri system in Starfield, there’s a small settlement on Gagarin where you get the side quest Sure Bet. Given by the bartender Lizzy, you’re tasked with obtaining expensive bottles of liquor from a derelict craft. A relatively quick mission, this is how to complete Sure Bet in Starfield.

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How to Complete Sure Bet in Starfield

How to Start the Sure Bet Quest

If you haven’t started Sure Bet but need more quests to keep you busy, head to Gagarin Landing on Gagarin. From the Staryard, go straight, all the way to the end of the settlement. There, talk to the owner of Lizzy’s Bar, Lizzy Ajello. Tell her you’re looking for work to prompt her for the quest; she doesn’t automatically give it to you. She wants to be able to offer higher-end alcohol to the executives coming from New Atlantis.

Go to the Derelict Spaceship

Once the quest is added to your log, head to your spaceship or go directly to the map. The derelict vessel, a Deimos Armored Transport ship, can be found across the Alpha Centauri system near Grissom, a moon of Bondar. When you arrive at the destination, you’ll be attacked by a solo Crimson Fleet Specter. When I played through this mission, it was Level 14.

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After defeating the pirate ship, dock with the Deimos craft and board it. Inside will be more Crimson Fleet members, but that’s not all you’ll have to contend with. Because of the solar flares that initially disabled the engines, the gravity systems cycle on and off as you explore. This can make combat difficult, especially if you’re trying to aim or sneak in zero gravity. After clearing a few pirates in the rooms off to the left, you’ll come to the conclusion that you need to restore the power to open the main cargo door.

How to Restore Power

To go further into the ship, head to the elevator. While the lift itself is inoperable, the top hatch is open. Wait for zero gravity and float up through the shaft to the third floor. From here, fight your way down to the second floor. This is where you find the gravity engine, which you need to cross.

You can wait for it to stop spinning and float through or jump through the blades with precise timing when it starts up. I originally floated across but found it a bit tough to navigate.

On the other side of the blades, go down the stairs to the left. They’re blocked by a blue container, making them easily missable. Use the computer to open the cargo door. From there, head back through the engine blades to the red security door.

Open with the terminal to the left. It connects to the elevator shaft, which you want to go down. Now you can open the cargo door. The Bogdondu’s Boutique Liquor (Box Set) is found behind another bulkhead at the top of the room in a military crate.

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Sure Bet Rewards

With alcohol in hand, head back to Lizzy to report your success. You get:

  • Credits (if Lizzy is Persuaded) .
  • 75 XP.

Since she only wanted the box set, all other items obtained on the ship are yours to keep, including the Ablative Explorer Pack.

That’s how to complete Sure Bet in Starfield. A relatively straightforward side quest, the changes in gravity really make this one different than other item fetch missions. For more quest walkthroughs, such as getting through the main storyline, how to complete companion missions, or how to join the Freestar Rangers, float on through our guides vault.

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