Starfield: How to Find the Beagle

The Beagle is a lost ship in Starfield. Here's how to find it and get around a pesky bug.

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The Operation Starseed side quest in Starfield is an interesting one in the Charybdis system. As part of the mission, you’ll need to find the sister ship of the Facility, the Beagle. Located in a different system, tracking down the vessel can be a bit difficult. Here’s how to find the Beagle in Starfield.

How to Find the Beagle in Starfield

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To gain access to the Restricted Wing in the Facility during Operation Starseed, you need a security code. This code can be found in the Beagle, the sister ship of the vessel used to build the Facility. Unfortunately, the Beagle’s location has been lost to time.

Thankfully, the clone of Ada Lovelace is quite intelligent. The Facility’s radio telescope resets every morning, pointing the way to the Beagle’s last known signal in the Bel system. Specifically, you want to Grav Jump to Bel V.

When you enter Bel V’s space, you’ll find a navigation beacon belonging to the ship. Scan it — the process is similar to obtaining information from the satellite in The Old Neighborhood. The beacon doesn’t contain the exact location of your quarry, but it does point you to the next stop on its path. This time, you need to set a course for Zelazny I.

Follow the Beagle Bug Fix

For me, completing the object “Follow the Beagle” was the hardest part of my quest to find the Beagle. When I originally jumped, all I could see was the Beagle’s location as it got further and further away. No matter how often I boosted, I couldn’t close the distance. Here’s how to fix the Follow the Beagle bug:

  • Land on Zelazny I (I chose the Abandoned Griplite Manufacturing Plant).
  • Launch back into space.
  • The Beagle will appear so you can dock with it.

That’s how to find the Beagle in Starfield. For the full Operation Starseed quest walkthrough, as well as other tips and tricks, check out our guides library.

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