Starfield: How to Get into Ron Hope’s Office

Getting into the owner of HopeCraft's office isn't as simple as walking in the door in Starfield.

Ron Hope is a respected entrepreneur and the owner of HopeTech and leader of HopeTown in Starfield. You encounter him in his office during the Freestar Rangers questline, but after that he’s a bit hard to track down. Whether you’re looking to steal something from his desk or just speak to the man again, here’s how to get into Ron Hope’s office in Starfield.

How to Get Into Ron Hope’s Office

The process is straightforward the first time you can enter Ron Hope’s office during the Freestar Rangers mission Where Hope is Built. During which, you ask him a couple of questions concerning the theft of one of his spaceships. Along with another Ranger, you’re granted an audience that allows you into his office. This gives you a good chance to look around and scope out the area.

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You may be wondering why you would want to get into the president of HopeTech’s office to begin with. To start, he has one of the items for the Coe Heritage Museum in Akila City. He also has a trove of other expensive miscellaneous items on his shelves, and a book on his family line. In addition to the items, it seems like the full truth hasn’t been given to you when you first leave his office in Where Hope is Built.

You should wait to take anything from his office until the coast was clear. Unfortunately, if you leave HopeTown and progress through Shadows of Neon, his office will be sealed tight. You need a key to get in. There’s no computer you can hack or lock you can pick. Cosette, Hope’s assistant doesn’t have a key. Neither does Hope. Pickpocketing will do you no good in this situation.

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What does help is there’s a back way through the factory floor. When you first enter the building, you want to head through the closed doors to the left of the front desk. Following that hallway will bring you to the factory floor. Take the stairs to you left or right and climb until you’re on the third floor. You’ll be able to see inside Hope’s office. The door here is unlocked, and you can sneak in quite easily. Whether the room is empty or not depends on when you visit.

That’s how to get into Ron Hope’s office in Starfield. If you’re seeing him as part of Where Hope is Built for the Freestar Rangers, you’ll be escorted through the door. If not, you’ll need to go in the back entrance. If you’re trying to figure out how to get to other locations, gather certain resources, or complete other quests, check out our booming guide vault.

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