Starfield: How to Get the Razorleaf Ship

Getting the Razorleaf means completing the Lair of the Mantis in Starfield.

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The Razorleaf is a free ship associated with the legendary bounty hunter, The Mantis, in Starfield. His ship is the symbol of vigilante justice, and is a Class A. You can get the Razorleaf relatively early in the game as it can be found in the Lair of the Maintis. In this guide we’ll go over exactly how to get the Razorleaf ship in Starfield.

How to Get the Razorleaf Ship in Starfield

To locate the Lair of the Mantis, you’ll need to read the Secret Outpost! note that you find on Spacers. It seems all Spacers got the same memo about a treasure trove located on Denebola I-B in the Denebola system. This is the location of the Mantis, a scourge to all Spacers and the Crimson Fleet.

Fight Through the Lair of the Mantis

Once you get to Denebola I-B, you’re going to have to fight your way through a large number of Spacers. Surviving until reaching to inner sanctum will take lots of ammo, med packs, and wits. Some of the enemies will be at a higher level, even getting up level 35. I found myself running out of med packs by the time I got to the bigger rooms, so make sure to stock up on healing items before landing. Having a combat experienced companion also helped take away some of the pressure.

Mantis Puzzle Solution

When the enemies are cleared and the firing finally stops, you’ll be able to chat with Livvy. While he is a Spacer, his only strength is in disarming traps. Unfortunately for him, the room beyond has a deadly trap that he hasn’t been able to break yet. You can enlist his help, kill him, or send him on his way, but he doesn’t do too much at this point in the quest.

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You can find his notes on the puzzle on a storage crate to the left from his position. They at least narrow down the letters that you don’t want to start with. If you’ve been listening to the various logs left by Leon, you know that the phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is heavily emphasized.

Tyrannis is the word used to solve the puzzle. Make sure you only step on the correct letters, and move quickly as the turrets are ready to end your life at a moments notice.

Claim the Razorleaf

After making it through the puzzle trap, you’ll be home free. If you took Livvy with you, he’ll take this moment to dash in front in an attempt to take all the treasure for himself, including the Razorleaf and Mantis spacesuit. However, there was one last trap that triggers, incinerating him.

To claim the Razorleaf for yourself, head to the right side of the inner sanctum, then down to where a couple computer terminals are set up. There’s a switch there that raises the Razorleaf, and claims it as your own. If you head to the left of the space, you’ll find the living quarters and the Mantis spacesuit.

Fast traveling outside of the lair allows you to enter it, explore the interior, and finally fly through the stars. This makes the vessel your home ship.

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Unlike commandeered ships, you don’t need to register the Razorleaf. It has an A reactor and 398 shield. It’s more maneuverable than bigger ships, but has less cargo and crew capacity. While it was built to be a symbol of the Mantis and take out pirates in space combat, I found that I preferred the Frontier.

That’s how to get the Razorleaf ship in Starfield. If you’re looking for the full Mantis spacesuit stats, check out our other guides, as well as a variety of quest walkthroughs, and how tos, in our guide vault.

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