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Starfield: Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father? Choice Guide

Should you tell Hadrian about her father or not? Here's each choice and what happens.

Starfield is one of the better RPGs out there when it comes to consequences. Depending on what you decide to do throughout the game, companions can leave you, characters can die, and countless other events might occur. The UC Vanguard questline is a great example of that. One of those important decisions comes near the end of the questline. Should you tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield, or keep it a secret?

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Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father in Starfield?

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There are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether you should tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield. Several revelations about Hadrian’s come to light throughout the quest. Figuring out which one Hadrian will like and which she won’t is a big part of navigating this questline. You’ll have multiple chances to tell Hadrian about her father.

What Happens if You Tell Hadrian About Her Father?

Hadrian’s father is Vae Victus, who was thought to be long dead. It turns out the UC Vanguard isn’t as moral as they seem. They’re keeping this monster alive to use his mind for their own bidding. He’s not the best person in the world and is known for multiple war crimes during his time as a general. He’s being kept alive in the UC Vanguard headquarters. He requests that you keep his status a secret from his daughter.

If you tell Hadrian that her father is alive and well, these are the consequences:

  • She’ll be completely shocked and confused about why and how it happened.
  • Your relationship with her doesn’t change all that much, regardless of what you decide to do.
  • No matter how you deal with the Terrormorphs at the end of the questline and who you place the blame on, Hadrian will tell the council that her father was responsible if she knows he’s still alive.
  • Vae Victus will face execution for his crimes involving the Terrormorphs, and that will be that.

This will happen despite your wealth of options on how to answer the council about who is guilty. You’ll end the UC Vanguard questline with the villain properly punished and Hadrian allowed to exit her father’s shadow once and for all.

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What Happens if You Don’t Tell Hadrian About Her Father?

Not telling Hadrian about her father in Starfield is the tougher option. Along your travels with Hadrian, she’ll periodically talk about being stuck in her father’s shadow. She’ll also mention how she’s inheriting the legacy of death her father was responsible for. You might start feeling sympathetic to her plight and want to tell her the truth about her father.

  • There will be three times throughout this questline where you’ll have the opportunity to tell Hadrian the truth about her father.
  • The key here is to never give up anything on Vae Victis at all.

Leave Hadrian completely in the dark. This is especially crucial at the end of the questline. If you decide to tell the council or Hadrian that Vae Victis is behind the Terrormorph invasion, you’ll lose access to him for the remainder of the game.

However, if you stay silent on the existence of Vae Victis and instead go with his plan of blaming Dr. Orlase, things get a little more interesting. The true menace behind the slaughter of Londinion lives on. And he’s got one more quest for you that’s unavailable if you accuse him or expose his existence to Hadrian.

That quest is called Preventative Action, and unfortunately, it’s not all that interesting. Vicitis just sends you on assassination missions with little story or reason behind them. They’re relatively standard fare and don’t net you much reward. However, they’re repeatable.

That’s everything there is to know about if you should tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield. It’s a compelling decision that has some interesting consequences, although we won’t see the results of the consequences until some DLC inevitably drops. If this guide helped you out, check out the rest of our Starfield guides here.

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