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Starfield: Top 10 Best Ships to Buy

Purchase only the best ships in Starfield using our top 10 list with tips on how to get them all.

The main sentiment from Starfield players is that the best ship is the one you build yourself. But many simply want to spend their hard-earned cash on the best possible ship and upgrade it a bit to perfection. Our guide will provide you with a list of the Top 10 best ships to buy in Starfield, including tips on how to get them.

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Top 10 Best Ships to Buy in Starfield

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Top 10 best ships to buy in Starfield:


Narwhal starts out our best ships to buy in Starfield list because it has it all: a large cargo bay (1,760), C-class reactor (36), maximum crew capacity (7), strong shield (995), and some really powerful ship weapons, including ballistics and missiles. The only drawback is its low maneuverability, which is dictated by its bulky C-class ship design. I recommend modifiying its engines for better mobility, but other than that, Narwhal is an all-around best spacefaring vessel in Starfield.

  • How to get Narwhal:
    1. Travel to Ryujin Tower at Neon, Volii Alpha.
    2. Enter the elevator and choose “Taiyo Astroneering” option.
    3. Speak to Veronica and pay 423,946 Credits.

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Abyss Trekker

If you’re looking for the best C-class combat ship, then it doesn’t get better than Abyss Trekker, which carries three powerful weapons: 100 MSL, 162 BAL, and 38 PAR. As you know, different types of ships have different shields that can be penetrated only with specific weapons. That’s why having such a diversity of weaponry is so important when it comes to combat in Starfield.

  • How to get Abyss Trekker:
    1. Travel to Paradiso at Porrima II, Porrima.
    2. Speak to the Ship Engineer and pay 328,967 Credits.


Some players aren’t concerned about anything else except survival in space. That’s where Marathon can quickly become your favorite craft, as it has the highest shield capacity in the game (6,244). It also has a decent cargo capacity (1,606) for an A-class ship and a couple of missile and particle beam weapons. Believe me, it’s going to be almost impossible to take this vessel down with that much armor.

  • How to get Marathon:
    1. Travel to Cydonia at Mars, Sol System.
    2. Speak to the Ship Services Technician and pay 159,450 Credits.

Silent Runner

Delivering cargo is an essential part of Starfield gameplay, and many players love pushing the boundaries of just how much cargo they can move through space. Silent Runner is hands-down the best cargo ship in the game with its gigantic cargo capacity (6,000). I was also quite impressed with its excellent engines and weaponry.

  • How to get Silent Runner:
    1. Travel to HopeTown at Palvo, Valo.
    2. Speak to Ron Hope and pay 351,135 Credits.

Crimson Fleet Wight

Smuggling is another option you could pursue under the pirate’s banner of the Crimson Fleet. There are many vessels you could get from this infamous faction in Starfield, but Crimson Fleet Wight has the best mobility, cargo capacity, and shields. In terms of weaponry, only the Ghost model takes the cake.

  • How to get Crimson Fleet Wight:
    1. Become a member of the Crimson Fleet faction.
    2. Travel to Reckoner’s Core at The Key, Crimson Fleet Base.
    3. Go to the Ship Services and pay 339,220 Credits.


This ship can be placed somewhere in between Marathon and Silent Runner, having a solid shield capacity (1,600) and a well-sized cargo bay (2,360). As the name suggests, it’s well-protected and carries ballistic and laser weaponry on board. I also found its jump range surprisingly solid for such a large C-class ship.

  • How to get Stronghold:
    1. Travel to Akila City on Akila, Cheyenne.
    2. Go to the Ship Services and pay 400,125 Credits.


Not all cargo ships need to have a C-class reactor to be viable, as this B-class vessel is just as good. Shieldbreaker is arguably the best B-class craft in Starfield, having a cargo capacity of 2,280 and several types of weapons, including three pulse turrets that fire automatically, so you never have to worry about that.

  • How to get Shieldbreaker:
    1. Travel to New Atlantis Spaceport at Jemison, Alpha Centauri.
    2. Go to the Ship Services and pay 265,443 Credits.


If you want to feel like a legit spaceship commander, then Dragonfire has one of the coolest captain’s bridges in the game. On top of that, you get a large cargo bay (2,790), ballistic and particle weapons, and a full crew capacity of seven members.

  • How to get Dragonfire:
    1. Travel Eleos Retreat at Ixyll II, Ixyll.
    2. Speak to the Ship Services Technician and pay 368,325 Credits for this vessel.


Now let’s talk about some A-class ships that are often overlooked. The first two versions of the Galileo model are nothing to write home about, but Galileo III is a real war machine with its powerful missile turret and solid laser and particle beam weapons. It’s really fast, and it can crew four people, which is fantastic.

  • How to get Galileo:
    1. Travel to New Atlantis Spaceport at Jemison, Alpha Centauri.
    2. Go to the Ship Services and pay 198,731 Credits.

War Horse

Though it comes last on our list of the best ships to buy in Starfield, don’t sleep on this vessel. If you really want to buy the best ship for as little money as possible, then War Horse may save the day. It’s an A-class combat ship with three turret weapons and a decent cargo size (675). I’d definitely upgrade some of its parts, such as engines and shields, for better survivability.

  • How to get War Horse:
    1. Travel to Neon City and Volii Alpha, Volii.
    2. Go to either Stroud Eklund Showroom or Taiyo Astroneering Showroom.
    3. Purchase it for 132,975 Credits.

Those are the top 10 best ships to buy in Starfield. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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