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Starfield: What Society Should You Give Facility Information To — Choice Guide

During Operation Starseed in Starfield you'll have to decide who to give important information to at Crucible. Who will you choose?

Crucible is an unmarked, secret, experimental village in the Charybdis system in Starfield. Comprised of clones unable to leave the area, they’ve created different coalitions known as a Society. Each Society has its own ideals and reasons for wanting documents obtained from the Facility, the location where the clones are crafted. Here’s what happens depending on which Society you give the Facility information to in Starfield.

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What Society Should You Give Facility Information to in Starfield

After your first visit to the Facility in Operation Starseed, you’ll have to decide which of the three Societies you’ll give the collected information to.

  • Believers: Led by Amanirenas. Believe the Mission is correct and that they’ll be released from Crucible once they pass a test.
  • Pragmatists: Led by Franklin Roosevelt. Believe that they need to learn to be human by disconnecting from the Facility and growing on their own.
  • Renegades: Led by Genghis Khan. Believe the Crucible is a prison and plan to leave it by any means necessary.

I gave the information to FDR and the Pragmatists, but overall, which Society you initially choose doesn’t matter. Giving the information to one pits the other two against it when you return from the Beagle.

Outcomes of Handing Over Facility Information in Starfield

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What does matter are your dialogue choices during the meeting of the leaders. I had to calm down Khan and Amanirenas since I sided with the Pragmatists. While she’s easy enough to convince, trying to get the Mongolian warlord clone to cool his heels is another matter entirely. I’ve read that there is a peaceful solution where all three leaders survive, but haven’t seen anyone do it, nor can I achieve it myself.

If you outright choose the Renegades, or decide to let that Society go during negotiations, both Pragmatists and Believers will become hostile to you. Picking the other Societies means you should only have the Renegades to deal with. When the fighting breaks out, make sure to only attack and kill the Society leader. If you attack any of the unnamed clones, you’ll end up with all the residents of Crucible becoming hostile after you have Ada decrypt the security code. If you have a companion, it may be best to leave them on your ship. While I only injured Genghis Khan, Andreja was outside fighting clones, causing a bounty to be put on my head.

From there, you’ll be able to choose which remaining leader to make admin at the Facility if you want to have a different program running other than the Mission.

Those are all the outcomes when deciding which Society leader to hand the Facility information over to in Starfield. If you need more help with Operation Starseed, or are having trouble finding the Beagle, peruse our library of game guides.

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