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Starfield: Where to Find Stroud Eklund Staryard

Stroud Eklund is a Staryard where you can get some exclusive Stroud brand ship parts. Here's where to find it.

While traversing the world of Starfield, you’ll want to have access to as many ships, parts, and modules as you can get your hands on. At some point, you may seek out the Stroud-Eklund Staryard. Perhaps you’re currently doing the “Overdesigned“ quest. Or maybe you’re searching Stroud manufactured additions for your vessel. Either way, this specific location can be hard to find. Our guide will tell you where to find the Stroud Eklund Staryard in Starfield.

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Where to Find Stroud Eklund Staryard in Starfield

The Stroud-Eklund Staryard has quite a few NPCs you can interact with, and some of them are related to the Overdesigned quest. Accessing this Staryard is quite simple once you discover it.

This is how to find the Stroud Eklund Staryard:

  1. Open your star map and Grav Jump to the Narion star system.
  2. Look for Deepala, which is a local planet in this system.
  3. In its orbit is Dalvik, one of the planet’s satellites.
  4. The Stroud-Eklund Staryard is located right next to it.
  5. Grav Jump next to it.

Keep in mind that Stroud-Eklund is a roaming Staryard ship. To board it, you’ll need to fly toward it and press the prompt when it appears. Once you board it, you can purchase useful ships, parts, and modules from Havershaw, one of which is the coveted Stroud engine mount. Further, you continue through the Overdesigned quest, helping Walter Stroud outline a new Commercial Starship. The Rewards for this quest can be one of two ships:

  • Kepler R
  • Kepler S

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That’s where to find the Stroud Eklund shipyard in Starfield. If you found this tips article useful, consider heading over to our galactic guides hub here. We’ve got plenty of other walkthroughs, choice guides, and locations articles, including where to find the Nova Galactic Staryard.

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