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SteamWorld Build: How to Find More Rubies

Here are all different ways to find Rubies in SteamWorld Build.

Used to purchase items that can be found at the Train Station and Item Shop, Rubies are an extremely useful resource when building your settlement. they help with warehouse deliveries, production chain bonuses, and more. Here’s how to find more Rubies in Steamworld Build.

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Where to Find Rubies in SteamWorld Build

As you expand your settlement and explore, you’ll find that there are three ways to get more Rubies, though there’s one method that stands above the rest. You can get them from:

  • The Mines.
  • The Train Station.
  • Tumbleweeds.

It’s important to note that, unlike other items in SteamWorld Build, you can obtain an unlimited number of Rubies. So be sure to search every nook and cranny for them.

How to Get Rubies in the Mines

The best and easiest way to find Rubies in SteamWorld Build is in the Mines, from the highest mine level all the way to the lowest. Luckily, you don’t need upgraded tools to get Rubies, meaning they’re very easy to come by and obtain. You’ll be able to tell the resource apart from others by its red coloring blended into dirt-colored rocks. Unlike other methods, you’ll get Rubies in larger quantities in the Mines, making your efforts more efficient.

If you’re struggling to find Rubies in rocks, though, there are still other ways to find them in the Mines. When using Miner Bots to destroy dirt, you’ll occasionally come across Red Toolboxes. Though you’re not always guaranteed Rubies from these items, you’ll get multiples of the resource when you do, so always open them when you find them.

Buy Rubies at the Train Station

If you haven’t unlocked the Mines yet but need Rubies for special items, you can buy them from the Train Station Item Shop. However, I don’t suggest going this route, since Rubies can be quite pricey at times, and you have better things to spend your Money on.

Rubies can be found in Robotic Tumbleweeds
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Get Rubies From Tumbleweeds

Another method is to scout for Robotic Tumbleweeds. These interesting balls of metal roll around your city aimlessly, and you can interact with them to break them, giving you a chance to get several items, including Rubies. Sometimes, you’ll only receive one Ruby. Other times, you may receive four Rubies. How many you get is completely random and left up to RNG.

That’s how to get rubies in SteamWorld Build. For more tips and tricks, including how to get more tools or how to make workers happy, click the links or head over to our SWBuild guides hub.

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