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Stranded Deep: How to Revive Someone

Here's how to revive someone in multiplayer Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep is a survival game that puts you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Surviving solo can get lonely in the big blue sea, and co-op mode offers a great alternative. Additionally, unlike single-player mode, co-op allows you to revive. Here’s our guide on how to revive someone in Stranded Deep.

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How to Revive Someone in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep isn’t a tropical vacation where you can sit back and focus on your tan. You’ll come across plenty of perilous situations that put both your life and your friend’s at risk. Whether they succumb to the elements or a Giant Crab attack, it’d be a shame to continue on without them. Thankfully, you can revive someone in co-op mode. However, you’ll need to come prepared. Here’s how to revive someone in Stranded Deep:

  • Craft a bandage.
    • x1 Cloth.
    • x1 Lashing.
  • Equip the bandage.
  • Approach the downed player.
  • Apply the bandage.
    • Hold E on PC.
    • A on Xbox.
    • X on PlayStation.
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I recommend you stay stocked up on bandages in multiplayer. They’re crucial to surviving together, and pretty straightforward to craft. Bandages are the only way to heal your partner in Stranded Deep. So, it’s best to keep all strategies in mind and prolong your survival. Additionally, I recommend you follow these multiplayer survival tips for Stranded Deep:

  • Organize your responsibilities.
    • Assign roles so that you can effectively make use of your time each day. One player could focus on material collection, another could focus on food, and so on.
  • Utilize landmarks as meet-up points.
    • If you venture out on your own and head to separate islands, a meet-up spot is essential. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the endless ocean, so be sure to keep track of your whereabouts in multiplayer.
  • Divide up skills in early-game.
    • You’ll level up skills throughout your time playing. Having each player focus on separate skills can help offer an advantage in early-game. However, I recommend you balance out your skills in mid to late-game.

Well, that covers how to revive someone in Stranded Deep. I recommend you check our collection of many other Stranded Deep tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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