Street Fighter 6: All Faces and Facial Expressions in SF6 — Lily, Manon, and More

Street Fighter 6 facial expressions are fun. Here's how to use them and a full gallery of all the character faces.

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Street Fighter 6 faces and facial expressions are super fun additions to the game’s versus screen. Called Game Face Feature by Capcom, the system adds a little spice to the mix when fighters clash, and you’ll encounter it in most SF6 modes. Anytime you’re facing off in a traditional versus screen, you can use these to taunt your opponents — or make them laugh. Indeed, there are quite a few funny faces here. Our short guide will tell you how to get these expressions and includes pictures of them all so you can see what they look like.

How to Get Different Street Fighter 6 Faces and Facial Expressions

Each character has five different facial expressions. One is their default look that you’ll see on every versus screen; no input required. To get the four other faces for each fighter, simply press the directional buttons on the D-pad: left, right, up, and down. Each of the photos in the character galleries below has the commands you’ll need to input on the versus screen to get them.

All SF6 Characters Faces and Expressions

Blanka’s Faces

Cammy’s Facial Expressions

Chun-Li’s Faces

Dee Jay’s Facial Expressions

Dhalsim’s Faces

E. Honda’s Facial Expressions

Guile’s Faces

Jaime’s Facial Expressions

JP’s Faces

Juri’s Facial Expressions

Ken’s Faces

Kimberly’s Facial Expressions

Lily’s Faces

Luke’s Facial Expressions

Manon’s Faces

Marisa’s Facial Expressions

Ryu’s Faces

Zangief’s Facial Expressions

Some faces, like Jaime’s, Luke’s, and Kimberly’s, are full of fantastic expressions. Dhalsim has one that’s truly terrifying, especially with his alternate blue color that pops against his white eyes and beard. And Blanka’s and Zangief’s are some of my personal favorites — he looks like Grizzly bear and Teddy bear all at once.

But that’s how to get all of the Street Fighter 6 faces and facial expressions for all of the game’s characters. We’ll keep this list updated as more characters are added to the roster in future DLCs and updates. Personally, I’m quite interested to see what Akuma’s look like. For more, like our complete character moves list, head over to our SF6 guides page.

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