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Street Fighter 6 Ryu Frame Data Analysis Guide

Here's Ryu's frame data in Street Fighter 6 and how to use it.

Knowing Ryu’s frame data in Street Fighter 6 will help you win more matches — or at least stay competitive at a higher level — as one of the series’ poster boys. He’s intended to be a well-rounded character with moves suited for any scenario. Here’s our analysis of Ryu’s frame data in Street Fighter 6.

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SF6 Frame Data: Ryu

Below, I’ll start with all of the frame data for Ryu’s normals, before moving into his special moves, OD attacks, and Super Arts. If you’re new to SF6 or want to learn more, we have a guide on how to read and use frame data in Street Fighter 6.


AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Standing Light Punch5LP43+4-1
Standing Medium Punch5MP64+7-1
Standing Heavy Punch5HP105+3-2
Standing Medium Kick5MK93+4-4
Standing Heavy Kick5HK124+9+1

Crouching Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Crouching Light Punch2LP42+4-1
Crouching Medium Punch2MP63+50
Crouching Heavy Punch2HP96+3-7
Crouching Light Kick2LK52+3-3
Crouching Medium Kick2MK83+1-6
Crouching Heavy Kick2HK93HKD +32-11

Jumping Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Jumping Light Punchj.LP410
Jumping Medium Punchj.MP82*3
Jumping Heavy Punchj.HP96
Jumping Light Kickj.LK610
Jumping Medium Kickj.MK76
Jumping Heavy Kickj.HK128

Command Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Collarbrone Breaker6MP204+2-3
Solar Plexus Strike6HP202*3+6+1
Shoto Uppercut4HP74+1-13
Whirlwind Kick6HK164+2-4
Axe Kick4HK105(5)30-4

Target Combos

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
High Double Strike5HP~5HK10+95*4KD +36-8(-18)
Fuwa Double Strike5MP~5LK6+54*3+1-7
Fuwa Triple Strike5MP~5LK~6+5+164*3*4KD+36-8

Ryu’s normals are largely very safe and are good buttons to press when you’re in the right range. Most of his unsafe buttons, like 2MK or 2HP, can be made safe or at least safer by spacing them properly or canceling into a special move.

Some of his normals, however, like 5MK or 2HK, can’t be special canceled, so you’ll have to be more careful about your spacing when you use them. His 2HK is so negative that it’s almost always punishable, so it should only be used when you know it will hit.

Ryu also has good command normals. His 6MP is a safe overhead that combos on Counter Hit or with Drive Rush, and his 6HP can be up to +3 and combos on hit. 6HK has good range, is safe due to pushback, and has a generous special cancel window on hit. Both hits of 4HK are cancelable on hit or block, and it’s a great attack for meaties because of how active it is. Ryu’s target combos don’t lead into a ton of damage, but they’re very easy to confirm into.

Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Denjin Charge22P39N/A13 frames of recovery
Denjin Charge Hadoken236P12KD +52 -3
Shoryuken623LP510KD + 38-21
623MP610KD + 34-30
623HP710KD + 29-37
Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku214LK123KD + 35-14
214MK143(13)2KD + 23/28-12(-27)
214HK162(13)2(13)2KD +20(+35)(+50)-12(-27)(-42)
Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyakuj.214K112(5)2(6)2KD +48(+54)-1(+5)
High Blade Kick236LK159KD +35-11
236MK189KD +40-8
236HK299KD +45-5
214HP306KD +61 spin+2(3)
Denjin Charge Hashogeki214P216KD +62 Spin+3

Most of Ryu’s special moves are negative on block, but Hadokens and some others can be spaced properly to be made safe. Most of his specials are very unsafe, so you shouldn’t end blockstrings with them. Certain specials, like Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku, can be useful for closing space, and Shoryukens are excellent anti-airs.

OD Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
OD Hadoken236PP12HKD + 54-1
OD Denjin Charge Hadoken236PP12HKD + 57+2
OD Shoryuken623PP72*8KD +29-40
OD Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku214KK132(4)2(4)2(3)2(4)2KD +57-14
OD Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyakuj.214KK112(1)3(1)3(1)3(2)2KD +47(+50)-16(-30)
OD High Blade Kick236KK185Wall Bounce +45~65-18
OD Hashogeki214PP186+3+3
OD Denjin Charge Hashogeki214PP186KD +87 Crumple+4

Ryu’s OD moves are still fairly unsafe, but his Denjin Hadoken and Hasogeki can be made plus, so they’re excellent pressure reset options. His OD Shoryuken is an invincible reversal, so don’t be afraid to use them if you’re being pressured or on wake up. Just remember, you’ll be punished if you’re wrong. His OD High Blade Kick can be used to extend combos and gives a wallbounce.

Super Arts

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Shinku Hadoken214214P86KD +2624
Denjin Hadoken214214P86KD +27-24
Denjin Hashogeki (Lv.2)214214P (hold)216KD +20-20
Denjin Hashogeki (Lv.3)214214P (hold)506KD +78 Tumble-20
Shin Shoryuken236236K512HKD +8-52(-54)
Shin Shoryuken (CA)236236K512HKD +8-52(-54)

All of Ryu’s supers are very negative on block, but they all have some form of invincibility. Shinku Hadoken is Strike/Throw invincible, but every other super is fully invincible, so they’re great as reversal options. They’re also excellent for adding more damage to combos to close out rounds.

That’s all there is when it comes to Ryu’s frame data. For more on Capcom’s latest fighting game, check out our Street Fighter 6 guides hub.

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