Street Fighter: Duel Best Teams Tier List

Combine the top fighters with the help of our tier list guide to the best team compositions in Street Fighter: Duel.

Combine the top fighters with the help of our tier list guide to the best team compositions in Street Fighter: Duel.

Traversing stages in Street Fighter: Duel can be a good test of your team building skills, where you need to combine four characters for some intense fighting sequences against a whole army of enemies and bosses. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best teams in Street Fighter: Duel, where each team is based around one main element.

Street Fighter Duel: S-Tier Team Compositions

Infernal Team

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  • Attack: M. Bison
  • Attack: Mad Ryu
  • Assassin: Juri
  • Support: Rose

M. Bison is the current heavyweight character in Street Fighter: Duel, who utilizes his Ultimate Nightmare super combo that creates the most devastating series of attacks in the game. His passive skill also automatically weakens all enemies by a maximum of 50%.

The team’s assassin Juri has a unique skill Feng Shui Engine that allows her to convert all physical damage into Soul-type damage, which creates a clone of her that basically adds the fifth member to your team. Use it alongside Mad Ryu’s Martial Fighting Soul for an increased damage.

Lastly, protect your team from damage by activating Rose’s Life Tarot and Destiny Tarot defensive skills.

Flame Team

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  • Attack: Dhalsim
  • Attack: C. Viper
  • Support: Mayor Cody
  • Balance: Dudley

This team is currently one of the best when it comes to sheer fire power with Dhalsim’s own Yoga Catastrophe super combo and Yoga Flame skill that burns all enemies within seconds.

The extra damage comes from C. Viper’s Seismic Hammer combo and Burning Kick ability that removes all burn debuffs and increases all flame damage by another 30%.

Finally, Cody and Dudley can provide some damage resistance to the whole team, while Dudley’s own Thunderbolt can also stun enemies and boost all bleed damage by 10%.

Street Fighter Duel: A-Tier Team Compositions

Thunder Team

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  • Tank: Zangief
  • Tank: E. Honda
  • Attack: Poison
  • Support: Elen

The further players move through the stages of the game, the harder it is to resist enemy damage, and that’s where a team of tanks comes in very handy.

Zangief has an Atomic Drop skill that allows him to build up super armor, which simply makes him invulnerable to enemy attacks. Combine it with his Taunt ability and watch enemies uncontrollably break against the wall made of your own tanks.

E. Honda has another helpful skill Orochi Slammer, which allows him to soak 30% of all damage received by the team. Also, his passive skill Sumo Blood grants him an extra 30% resistance boost to all damage.

But you also need to deliver some hits of your own, and that’s where Poison enters the arena with her massive Aeolus Edge combo.

Wind Team

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  • Attack: Guile
  • Tank: Abel
  • Assassin: Chun-Li
  • Balance: Cody

What makes the wind characters stand out from the rest is an ability to break enemy armor. That’s where Guile’s Sonic Hurricane comes in to smash enemy shields and barriers. Chun-Li can also help break some more armor with her special Senretsukyaku skill.

Abel will function as a team’s tank using his own Man With No Past armor, but also being able to stun enemies with his Tornado Throw that adds an extra 474% damage at Level 3.

Lastly, Cody can bring his own game to the table with a combination of negative status effects, including Silence, Charm, Stun, and Taunt all wrapped up into one perfect Lonely Fugitive ability.

Street Fighter Duel: B-Tier Team Compositions

Master Team

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  • Assassin: Gen
  • Assassin: Cammy
  • Balance: Fei Long
  • Support: Rose

If you want to try out pure combat without any extra effects, then Gen will satisfy your needs, although not as effectively as other teams listed above.

His Zetsue’ei and Teiga martial arts manifest a lot of physical damage, but they must be supported by Cammy’s Spiral Arrow that allows you to break enemy armor, so that all of Gen’s damage can actually get through.

Fei Long provides an additional combat ability with Gekirinken, topped off with flame damage. Rose will make sure that your teammates stay safe and healthy.

Early Game Team

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  • Attack: Ibuki
  • Balance: Ken
  • Support: Dan

You don’t have access to all the characters early in the game, but this team of three early fighters will help you get through the first part of stages relatively quickly.

Ibuki has an excellent skill that causes bleed damage Kunai Rain, while Ken provides his usual Flame Shuryoken that can quickly burst through a group of enemies.

Finally, Dan can taunt enemies and increase your team’s damage with his Gadoken and Saikyoryu Master skills.

Those are the best team compositions in Street Fighter: Duel, and stay tuned for more related guides.

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